‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Airbnb Gives Fans Chance to See Antiques Up Close

by Quentin Blount

We have found the perfect small-town destination for all of our fellow Outsiders. And if you are an American Pickers fan, then you will especially love this.

Mike Wolfe has been the face of the History Channel’s American Pickers for years now. The series first premiered back in January of 2010. In the show, Mike Wolfe travels around the country in search of old antiques and collectibles. As you can probably imagine, his line of work often sees him staying on the road. The result of that has been a soft spot and a passion for Airbnbs. That’s why he decided to create his own.

Located in Columbia, Tennessee, Mike Wolfe’s Two Lanes Guesthouse is a unique, Main Street loft vacation rental. It is officially open to the public, too. This is the first time that fans of American Pickers can come and see firsthand the picks from the show that Mike has pulled out of barns and sheds all across the country. All of the various items are set up and presented as decor all throughout the building.

The Instagram account for Wolfe’s Two Lanes Guesthouse made a post last week showcasing a couple who recently stayed there.

“Husband and wife Mark and Gay Lynn Hobbs recently were guests of ours visiting from LaFountaine, Indiana. The couple enjoys watching @americanpickers together and wanted to have the chance to experience @mikewolfeamericanpicker antiques up close. Couldn’t pass up a chance to grab some photos on the Vespa and the Texco pumps! Come back anytime, guys! If you’re in need of a small town getaway check out availability in our bio!”

‘American Pickers’ Star is the Perfect Person to Open an Airbnb

Don’t believe us? In a statement on the Two Lanes Guesthouse website, Mike Wolfe explains how his background in American Pickers has helped lead him to open up his own Airbnb.

“Some people may not know, but for the past 30 years, I have been selling to designers and decorators. It has been a major part of my business. This is the first time that I’ve been able to utilize that experience inside my own space for other people to experience.”

If anyone is qualified to open up their own Airbnb, it would definitely be Mike Wolfe. He explained what makes him the perfect fit to open up Two Lanes Guesthouse and why it’s so unique.

“I’m on the road six months out of the year. I check-in to a lot of hotels and Airbnbs, so I understand what travelers need when they’re looking to relax after a long day in a space that feels like home. This entire project is all about creating an experience in Columbia, not just for a few hours in town, but for a long weekend.”

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