‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe ‘Has Always Had an Eye for Bikes’ in New Post From His Shop

by Jonathan Howard

If there is one thing that Mike Wolfe of American Pickers knows about, it has to be all things bicycles.

Fans that have kept up with the show over the years know that if it has two wheels and handlebars, then Wolfe is going to be all over it. He has made a living being the bike guy. That is probably his biggest area of expertise when it comes to picking. He got his start flipping bicycles in the alleys of his hometown in Iowa.

So, it isn’t surprising that his shop, Antique Archaeology is showing off his love for bikes in their latest Instagram post. It shows Wolfe with a bike in hand, bringing it down from somewhere. Rusted bikes are gold in Mike’s eyes. Check it out below.

The caption said, “[Mike Wolfe] has always had an eye for bikes! What has been your favorite bike he has picked on [American Pickers].”

There were a lot of comments in the replies. American Pickers fans are about as obsessed with old Schwins as Wolfe himself. While it is hard to pinpoint exactly which is the best, fans just appreciate all that the show puts out there.

Despite all that he knows and all that he has done on the show, Wolfe keeps a low profile. He doesn’t act like a big shot out in public. The History Channel star says that is why fans have taken to the show and to him.

Mike Wolfe Explains Why Fans Are Drawn to The Show

One of the reasons fans have liked American Pickers over the years is the fact that Wolfe and Frank Fritz are just regular dudes. They don’t have any misconceptions about why they are popular. In fact, they have talked about exactly why their show appeals to fans.

“To be honest, what you see is what you get with Frank and I [sic] on the show. And I think that’s transparent on film,” Wolfe said. “When History first saw the sizzle reel that Cineplex put together, that’s one of the things they liked.”

When it comes down to it the American Pickers are just genuine guys. There’s another show on History that features some fan-favorite personalities.

When the ‘American Pickers’ Met the ‘Pawn Stars’

When the American Pickers first met the Pawn Stars neither of them knew what type of success their shows would have. They each deal in the same sort of business. Buying and selling. So, they likely have a lot in common with each other.

While the first meeting was a little bit awkward according to Wolfe, he said at the time that the Harrisons, “were all really nice.” Of course, Frank Fritz was happy to see that there were some guys bigger than he was on the network. Jokes aside, it was a good meeting that set the tone for what was to come.