‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Goes Bowling With Bobby Green in Preview of New Episode

by Jonathan Howard

There seems to always be an interesting character or guest on American Pickers. It looks like Mike Wolfe is catching up with Bobby Green in a new episode.

Outsiders, we were treated to a small preview of this Saturday’s episode of American Pickers. Fans might remember Green from 2017. He restores bikes and things of that nature in California. So, of course, Mike knows who he is. Now, the two are going to be doing a bit of business, it seems.

Check out the tweet the official Pickers account shared and see for yourself.

So, here is what will be going down, and why Mike is trying his best to throw a strike in these photos:

“The [American Pickers] visit Bobby Green to determine if they get to take the 1934 Schwinn Aerocycle Streamline Bike home for ten thousand dollars and it all comes down to a bowling duel.” I just hope that Wolfe brought the right shoes.

The other guys look pretty serious. If Mike is able to outbowl his rivals, then he is going to have the honor of taking home a sweet bike. There isn’t much that the American Pickers star wouldn’t do for an antique bike. So, will his bowls be strong and accurate? Or will he be left with a 7-10 split he can’t overcome?

Mike Wolfe Has Wild Luxury Car Collection

Over the years, Wolfe has not been shy about his love for old motors. Motorcycles, cars, trucks, he loves them all. However, he does have a certain taste that doesn’t limit itself to old cars. He has some newer models that are just as interesting.

Among his collection, the American Pickers star has vehicles from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. When he isn’t behind the wheel of one of his antiques, he usually drives his 2019 Mercedes G-Wagon. His collection is full of great iconic vehicles.

Wolfe has a 1947 Hudson truck, red in color. A 1950s Ford F1. Then, of course, he has the Volkswagen collection. A ’62 panel van, a VW Single Cab, and a ’53 VW Bug. The motorcycle collection includes two rare 1910s Indian Motorcycles. There are other Indians and Harleys in the collection as well. Just impressive.

‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Has Big Plans

While American Pickers fans are still sore about Frank Fritz not being on the show, that doesn’t mean Wolfe is slowing down. Apparently, Mike is getting a new project together. He plans on working with Jason Momoa in the near future.

Both Wolfe and Momoa are from Iowa. And, they both have a love for old motorcycles. There was a photo that the Aquaman actor posted a while back. From that photo, we can speculate a bit. It seems that they might do a motorcycle-related project. Maybe get a restoration done on an old Knucklehead or Indian. There is no telling what these two might have thought up.