‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Explains His ‘Holy Grail’ Bike To Collect

by Quentin Blount

Here at Outsider, we have known for a long time about American Pickers star Mike Wolfe and his love for bicycles. But now we know what he considers to be the Holy Grail of the bicycle world.

Mike Wolfe has been on everyone’s radar for a long time now. He is known thanks to his role in the popular collecting series American Pickers, which first started back in 2010 on the History Channel. Wolfe and his former co-star Frank Fritz would go all around the country searching for old antiques and treasures.

As you can probably imagine, Mike Wolfe always has his eyes peeled for cool things when goes out picking. But he also has his eyes out for bikes laying around whenever he gets the chance. He has been that way ever since he was just a little boy.

As a matter of fact, Wolfe first developed a love for bicycles when he was just four years old. While walking to school one day, he found a number of bikes laying in the garbage. He simply couldn’t believe that someone would throw them out. He grew up with a single mother who couldn’t afford to get him a new bike and he had always wanted one.

Since that time, Wolfe has continued to develop his passion. What was once bicycles has changed into all things with two wheels. The American Pickers star has an extremely collection of bikes and motorcycles. But do you know what he considers to be the Holy Grail for vintage bike collectors? Luckily, he explained as much in a 2011 interview with Bicycling.com.

“For me, it’s a bike made by Victor,” Wolfe told the outlet. “A hard-tired bike with a huge C-shaped leaf spring fork that articulated when you rode. It’s so freaking cool. I’d love to have one of those.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Had a Man Cave at Just Four Years Old

Let’s go ahead and say it — Mike Wolfe didn’t make it to school that day he found all those bikes in the garbage. The school ended up calling his mom when he didn’t show up, and she rushed home to find him in awe of his new bikes. She knew how important this was to her son. So, instead of getting mad at him for ditching class, she did the opposite.

“She did something really cool then — she gave me the garage,” the American Pickers star told Reconnecting Roots in 2018. “She goes, ‘I’m going to let you have the garage.’ So, at like four years old I already had a man cave. That’s where it all started.”

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