‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Has an Extremely Rare Moped Parked in His Rentable Loft

by Amy Myers

Once American Pickers star Mike Wolfe finds a rare item to fix up, it’s not often that we get to see where it ends up. Sometimes it’s something Wolfe wants to keep for himself and other times it joins his other purchasable items at Antique Archaeology. Obviously, there are logistical issues with showing this, as it might take months or even years to restore pieces to their natural beauty. Still, it would be nice to see more before and after shots of when Wolfe claims the item as his own and when it hits the store’s shelves.

Thankfully, though, we did get a snapshot of just how incredible a pick can look after Wolfe’s team gets a hold of it. The American Pickers star shared a shot of a mint green 1951 Vespa parked in the living room of his rentable loft, named Two Lanes Guesthouse. Situated in downtown historic Columbia, Tennessee, the guesthouse captures all of the charms a historic town has to offer with a chic, modern twist.

“Who else but @mikewolfeamericanpicker would park a 1951 Vespa in the living room?” the caption read.

As the Americana expert will tell you, Vespas have a unique place in our nation’s motor history. Piaggio owned and manufactured Vespa scooters following World War II. Originally, the company made warplanes, but when they found that their services were obsolete, they instead came across an old German scooter and decided to use it as a model for their new creation. They crafted the new scooter using parts and equipment they already had on hand from the airplanes. Soon enough, Vespas became wildly popular, especially in Europe, during the 50s and 60s.

See What the Scooter Looked Like Before ‘American Pickers’ Fixed It Up

The sleek and sexy design of the Italian scooter provided a stark contrast to rough and tough American bikes. But when American Pickers star Mike Wolfe found this 1951 Vespa, it was a far cry from what it once looked like.

During an early season of the series, Wolfe had to traipse through an overgrown yard, cut down overarching branches and fight his way through an old bus to finally get to the scooter. Once inside, the American Pickers boasted a hunk of rusted metal and wheeled it onto the grass. Thrilled about his find, Wolfe saw the potential to be able to restore the Vespa’s natural glory.

See what other gems he finds in the clip below.

Though sometimes he gets calls from sellers looking to give away their “rusty gold,” oftentimes, the American Pickers star doesn’t know what he’ll find or who he’ll run into during his adventures.

“It’s all about gut feelings. It’s all about making it on my own,” Wolfe shared.

“I’m out there looking for the unusual and the impossible.”