‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Says Finding Items’ Stories Keeps Him Going

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the popular History Channel series American Pickers certainly know host Mike Wolfe’s love of unique antiques and collectibles.

Longtime viewers of the series also know that just as Mike Wolfe is intrigued by some amazingly valuable finds, it is often the story behind an item that draws the American Picker to any particular pick.

In fact, the American Pickers star notes in a recent interview, sometimes it is the story that keeps him going with certain collections.

From antique dishes, posters, vans, cars, and even Science Fiction collectibles, the American Pickers love finding unique items for various collections. However, there is one particular item that draws Mike Wolfe in every single time. The item? Bicycles. Since he was a young boy, Mike Wolfe has found regular interest in pretty much anything and everything connected to collectible bikes.

“I just fell in love with the early stuff,” the American Pickers star tells Bicycling in a recent interview.

“It was so archaic and primitive and mysterious,” Mike Wolfe continues of his favorite item to collect.

‘American Pickers’ Host Is Drawn To The Collection and The Story

For the American Pickers host, collecting bikes is so much more about the machinery of the object. Although that part is often pretty amazing. For Mike Wolfe, his fascination lies in the design of the older, antique bikes. This antique nature of his collectible antiques, the History Channel host says, is what makes items so fun to collect.

“Just seeing a bike with wood rims and cork grips that is over 100 years old is so freaking powerful,” Mike Wolfe explains in the interview.

And, he adds, this is only the beginning of the fun.

Once he discovers that “perfect” find, he then sets out to discover anything he can about the item.

“I’m all about discovery,” the American Pickers host explains.

“Unearthing cool things and finding the story behind them,” the collector adds. “That’s what keeps me going.”

Mike Wolfe found his passion for bikes at a very young age. As a young child in Iowa, Mike Wolfe found a pile of discarded bikes. The young Picker began searching through the find, and that’s where he learned his talent for not only finding amazing collectibles but working on them to suit the collector’s needs.

From there, Mike Wolfe went on to open a variety of bike shops. This, of course eventually led to his American Pickers business as well as his Antique Archaeology shops.

Recently the Antique Archaeology Instagram page shared a throwback photograph featuring a twenty-nine-year-old Mike Wolfe as he stood outside his first bike shop which was located in Eldridge, Iowa.

“Did you know @mikewolfeamericanpicker opened his first bicycle shop in Eldridge Iowa when he was 29 years old?” the Antique Archaeology Insta page says in the throwback post.

“On top of being a small business owner, he also made time to teach bicycle safety to the local kids mixing in a little history lesson to keep their attention,” the Insta post adds. “Who else wishes they could have taken one of his classes besides us?”