‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Guest Loft Features an Alcohol Cart That Looks Like a Money Pick

by Amy Myers

While most of American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s picks go to his shop, Antique Archaeology, some special items act as decor in his rental condo near Nashville. In order to give fans and Tennessee visitors the true antique experience, Wolfe decorated the unit to mimic the quaint yet polished feeling of his shop and his view of American culture.

In a recent photo that the American Pickers host posted, the condo features beautiful natural lighting, rustic furniture and an antique liquor cabinet. From the looks of the cabinet, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the product of a past pick.

“With the sunbeams shining in like this, it’s SO easy to wanna move from the bed to the couch,” Two Lanes Guesthouse promoted in the post. “Why not — you’re on vacation. LINK in bio to book your stay at @mikewolfeamericanpicker’s vacation loft rental in historic Columbia, TN! ( About an hour south of Nashville!)”

Of course, this isn’t the only room with immaculate style. Recently, Mike Wolfe explained the inspiration for much of the interior’s design comes from his experience filming in California.

“We were out west for about a month finding vintage Navajo style rugs, worn leather goods, original cowboy paintings… Looking at the pieces in the back of the van, it hit me — this is the inspiration for the Two Lanes Guesthouse,” the American Pickers star shared. “It just seemed fitting to include the spirit of exploring the wild frontier in this space. I wanted it to represent the grit and passion one needs to chase down the road ahead.”

The Story Behind ‘American Pickers’ Living Room Vespa

One of Wolfe’s favorite pieces in his Tennessee guesthouse is the 1951 Vespa featured in the living room. The mint green scooter is a pivotal part of the Two Lanes Guesthouse. The beauty also serves as a demonstration of the American Pickers star’s affliction for all two- and four-wheeled.

The Vespa itself is an iconic part of American motor history. After World War II, the German company Piaggio (which owns Vespa) created the scooter’s design from old airplane parts. The scooter became extremely popular in the 50s and 60s, especially in Europe.

Wolfe found this particular Vespa during an early episode of American Pickers. The star had to pry open an old bus full of rusted bikes and other items to finally pull out this gem. Once purchased, Wolfe gave the scooter a makeover before placing it in the forefront of his guesthouse.