‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe ‘Hated’ the Show When He First Watched It

by Joe Rutland

If you were around “American Pickers” host Mike Wolfe when his eyes fell on the show, then you’ll know that he really didn’t like it.

In fact, the creator of the show just hated it when catching an early episode. Wolfe talked about it in a 2013 interview with Script.

“When I first saw the show, I hated it,” he said. “Then I saw the ratings, and I was like okay. But I still have disagreements with the network and the production company on how I want things to be.”

‘American Pickers’ Became No. 1 Show In Asia After History Channel Expanded Viewership

The History Channel, after pitching the show to so many places and getting rejected, took a chance on “American Pickers.” Good thing they did. The network had just sold a franchise to Australia. The show would go on to become No. 1 in Asia.

Wolfe, though, does not see any payments for spin-offs from the original show. Why? He said being new and having the wrong type of lawyer hurt him.

“Reality is, I was too new for the show to have given me all of that anyway,” he said. “I was smart enough to ask for an EP [executive producer] title and creator title. I did get that.

“Now I’m going to start directing the show for season five,” he said. “In the past, our directors would stay a month and leave. No one knows my business like I do. In reality TV, they always ask you to do stupid s–t. They’re always struggling for [the] storyline. But I wanted to make the picks so powerful that they were the storyline.”

Outsiders, if you are looking for “American Pickers,” then it’s still on The History Channel. Wolfe is a co-host along with Danielle Colby as they go “picking” for antiques and collectibles.

Wolfe Remembers That Network At First Said No To Colby As Part Of His On-Air Crew

OK, would you believe that the home network of “American Pickers” didn’t want Colby on the show?

It’s true, but Wolfe just didn’t pay attention to them.

He recalled this situation during a 2013 interview with Jeanne Veillette Bowerman.

Part of his story included Colby, who oversaw Wolfe’s Antique Archeology in Nashville. She also helped Wolfe and former co-host Frank Fritz plan trips. He said The History Channel didn’t want her on the show.

Wolfe said “no.” He ignored them when they told Wolfe to fire her.

He told Bowerman that he’d known Colby for 15 years. “She had just closed her store in LeClaire, and I approached her and said History bought the show, and I want her to be on it,” Wolfe said. “I needed her to do the research of where we’re going.”