‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Hilarious Interview with Son of a Woman He Tried to Pick From

by Courtney Blackann

Those who frequently watch “American Pickers” know Mike Wolfe loves connecting with people. In fact, in several interviews, he’s shared that it’s the stories generated by people which give the show life. And in the decades the Mike Wolfe has been ‘picking,’ he’s met several characters along the way. This is especially true when he spoke with the son of a woman he once tried to pick from.

During an interview, Wolfe detailed the account with the man, explaining in detail how much fun the encounter with his mom was.

“I want people to know this show is not fake. I’ve always tried to keep it as real as possible to what I actually did. At end of the day, when I went into your mom’s barn, I didn’t see any of that stuff prior. When I was negotiating with your mom, those were real negotiations,” he says via Script.

To his comments, the son replies about seeing his mom try to strike a deal.

“I’m fascinated to see my mother haggling. I remember watching her as a kid at auctions. She knows what she wants and doesn’t budge. That Sicilian stubbornness. Gee, I wonder where I get it?” the son said.

The “American Pickers” star reacts with how impressed he was by the mother’s negotiating skills.

“Your mom was an intense negotiator! There were a couple of pieces I wanted to buy from her, and she was like “It’s $1200 or nothing.” She was tough. Your mom had great stuff. It was just amazing going through her barns. That was the quintessential barn in Upstate New York. I loved hanging with her. She was awesome,” Wolfe said.

“American Pickers” Star Loves Connecting with People

While the television star would love to make a deal with everyone he encounters, it’s usually a tough feat. People place tons of sentimental value on their pieces of history – and to Wolfe, this is okay. The show is about history and education. Wolfe just loves to be there to find out their stories.

Further, the “American Pickers” personality likes to branch out and connect with people in other ways. His antique store Antique Archaeology is one of those creative outlets.

“My Antique Archaeology retail and online business takes another kind of creativity – I want people to walk into the stores and be immersed in vintage treasures, and I want them to be able to read the blog attached to the online store and learn about people and places they never knew existed,” he says.”It’s not just about selling stuff, it’s about creating a world and inviting you in. It takes time to keep it fresh, so that’s an ongoing effort. By far the most important thing I have in the works is Charlie Wolfe. She’s 5. Raising her is the most important project in my life.”