‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s Rentable Loft Looks Like an Outdoorsman’s Dream Room

by Amy Myers

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe has decorated his guest lodge to fit the tastes and needs of just about every fan and visitor. Two Lanes Guesthouse is full of quaint items and picks that are somehow both modern and antique. The kitchen and living room have a mix of Western and industrial pieces. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, he’s given the space a few rustic touches, creating a hunting lodge atmosphere complete with antler mounts, exposed brick and earthy tones. The picturesque room is as cozy as it is exciting, giving guests something to look forward to when they start and end each day in Tennessee.

Recently, the American Pickers host’s guesthouse boasted a new photo of the luxurious room, inviting guests to spend a night in the unique rental.

“It’s nice to come back to this room after fun day of exploring historic Columbia, Tennessee! Rest up and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. Make your reservation at @mikewolfeamericanpicker’s unique, Main Street loft vacation rental!” the American Pickers star’s guesthouse prompted.

While the lodge encourages its guests to get to know the lovely town outside of its walls, visitors can get a full history just from the decor that Wolfe has placed around the rooms. Always the bike enthusiast, the American Pickers star often uses different types of bikes to suspend from the ceiling. Meanwhile, in the main room, he parked a groovy green Vespa for some unconventional seating.

‘American Pickers’ Fan Shares Stay in Two Lanes Guesthouse

While not every piece has a specific story behind it, Wolfe likes to marry his work as a guesthouse manager that of his picking lifestyle. So far, the two have mended beautifully from the looks of Two Lanes Guesthouse, and fans can’t get enough of the gorgeous lodge.

Recently, one American Pickers fan proudly shared their experience at the guesthouse with its owners. Mark and Gay Lynn Hobbs ventured from their hometown, LaFontaine, Indiana, all the way to Columbia, Tennessee for the sake of the show. Of course, they had to stop by Wolfe’s store, Antique Archaeology to see some of his greatest picks in person.

Following the couple’s visit, Two Lanes posted about the successful experience.

“The couple enjoys watching @americanpickers together and wanted to have the chance to experience @mikewolfeamericanpicker antiques up close. Couldn’t pass up a chance to grab some photos on the Vespa and the Texco pumps! Come back anytime, guys!” the guesthouse posted.

Hopefully, with how much the two guests enjoyed the show, their stay in Columbia, Tennessee wasn’t a one-time event.