‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Is Reportedly Working on a New Project With Jason Momoa

by Hannah Heser

The secret is officially out of the bag. “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe is teaming up with Aquaman’s Jason Momoa. This is the duo we didn’t know we needed. Now you’re probably wondering, “What is this mystery project?”

Wolfe has been on “American Pickers” since 2010 while owning multiple businesses. Some would say he is a man of many talents.

Unfortunately, his divorce with ex-wife Jodi is why the secret left the inner circle. And The Sun recently reported exclusive readings from the Tennessee Courthouse.

“They award Mike with the sole and exclusive right to any and all intellectual property owned or created prior to or during the marriage. This includes all creative content, shows, scripts, ideas, pitches and any other materials created by him, MRW Properties or Mossy Point Productions.”

The Sun also said the Court awarded him with “the exclusive and continued right to use his name, image, likeness and all other names and logos involving the ‘American Pickers’ show.”

Despite the divorce, let’s take a look at how the actors first met each other.

How Mike Wolfe and Jason Momoa Met Each Other

The actors first met in September last year. With 2020 being a weird year for all of us, Wolfe and Momoa didn’t let it stop them from meeting each other.

Since the moment they met, they have been hyping each other up on their social media accounts.

For example, The Sun reported Momoa sharing a series of photos a few months ago. “2 IOWA BOYZ. 2 1936 KNUCKLEHEADS,” they recorded from his post. “We finally meet @mikewolfeamericanpicker and @columbiamotoralley. It’s an honor bro and you have always been an inspiration. Looking forward to our many projects.”

While Momoa posted that, Wolfe shared a thank you post soon after.

“Thank you @prideofgypsies for your fierce love of storytelling and unwavering fight to show the world how cool we all can be.”

Updates on the new project have not been released yet. Although, we are eagerly awaiting the potential news.

The Act of Turning Experiences into a Reality Show

Not only did Mike Wolfe star in “American Pickers” but he also took his real-life experiences into the show. Real-world experiences make reality television even more entertaining. It gives the audience joy on a whole other level.

Given that “American Pickers” has had a lot of success over the years, this new project should be even better.