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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Reveals He’s Still Friends With Frank Fritz, ‘Hopes’ He’ll Return to Show

by Megan Molseed
American Pickers Mike Wolfe Frank Fritz
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

The hosts of the popular series American Pickers have been the topic of quite a bit of gossip in recent years. This, of course, comes after the dismissal of one of the show’s longtime cohosts, Frank Fritz. Fritz had been a mainstay on the series after he started his American Pickers journey with the show’s creator Mike Wolfe years ago. Now, Wolfe is speaking up amid continued controversy, noting that he and Fritz remain friends…and that he hopes the former cohost will be returning to the popular reality TV series sometime in the future.

Mike Wolfe Hopes To See Frank Return To American Pickers, But First He Needs To Focus On His Health

Recently, Mike Wolfe spoke of his longtime cohost who, after being dismissed from the reality-TV series, suffered a debilitating stroke. During the discussion, Mike Wolfe insists that he and Frank are still friends after all that has happened.

“Frank and I are friends,” Mike Wolfe says of his former American Pickers cohost.

“He was just at my brother’s graduation for his kids right before he got his stroke,” Wolfe reveals.

The longtime antique collector adds that it’s important for anyone thinking of Frank right now. Wolfe adds that he hopes fans will continue praying for Frank’s well-being as he recovers from his store.

“If anybody’s thinking about Frank, they should be praying for him,” Wolfe says.

“I would hope that he’s gonna be back on the show,” he adds of Frank. “But right now he needs to get healthier. 

Mike Wolfe Denies Any Rift Between Himself And Frank Fritz

According to the longtime American Pickers host, there is “100%” hope that Frank Fritz will be back on the popular antique collecting series. The host even laughed off rumors that the two longtime hosts were nursing a major rift since Fritz’s exit from the series.

“That’s absolutely not true,” Mike Wolfe laughs of the rumors.

However, for now, the show must go on. Mike Wolfe is continuing his famed journeys across the US searching for unique finds in basements, attics, storage rooms, sheds, and even backyards from coast to coast. And, joining him for the most recent seasons is his own brother, 62-year-old Robbie Wolfe.

Robbie joined the series right after Fritz’s exit from the show in 2021. Robbie is certainly a welcome addition to the series in many ways. However, many fans still hope to see the original host return and join Mike on the antique-collecting journeys.