‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Brother ‘Resurrected’ This Buried Coca-Cola Machine With ‘Spooky Halloween Vibes’

by Evan Reier

An old-school Coca-Cola machine is a sight everyone loves to see. A relic from an older era, and something that fits right in with American Pickers and the show’s store, Antique Archaeology.

But the image that comes to mind isn’t a machine covered top-to-bottom in spiderwebs. Nah, the one we like to think of has that wear and tear but still maintained. That’s what the pickers are there for, to find the items that are down and out and restore them.

Which means American Pickers and Antique Archaeology still have some work to do, based on the store’s new photo.

“Major spooky Halloween vibes coming from this buried Coca Cola machine @rjwolfepicker just resurrected from a spiderweb grave,” the store captioned the photo.

Yeah, Robbie Wolfe may have “resurrected” it but it feels like its not all the way alive yet. Jokes aside, that is a killer find and there’s no question that its perfectly timed. The Halloween energy is more than present with a spiderweb-covered Coca-Cola machine.

We wonder what Mike Wolfe and the store has planned for the machine. More than likely, they’ll just use it as decoration or put it up for sell after restoring it a bit, but does Antique Archaeology have a vending machine. If not, let’s kick this bad boy back into shape and really deliver the nostalgia with some refreshments.

How American Pickers Star Mike Wolfe Came Up with Antique Archaeology

With the success of both the store and American Pickers, it’s clear Mike Wolfe is doing something right. As much as he loves preserving history, he’s also proud of his entrepreneurial abilities.

Wolfe explained as much, and that pride comes from hard work. In an interview in 2015, he explained that he writes down things constantly and is always looking for the next step forward. So when the idea for Antique Archaeology’s name came to him spontaneously, he committed.

“I’ve been doing what you guys see me do on television for about twenty-five years,” he said. “But I finally put a name to it in 2001.”

With that much time picking, it also almost felt like a life of excavation. Enter the archaeological side of things.

“I was always digging things out of the dirt, so I thought of the archaeological aspect of that,” the American Pickers star said. “And, obviously I’ve bought and sold antiques. So I put those two words together and it worked.”

This “eureka” moment came after years of trying to think of the right name and concept. There’s only so many names and ideas you can come up with, so he committed once it entered his mind.

“Since I’d been in the antique business so long it was hard to come with a name that no one had come up with before,” Mike Wolfe said.