‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Brother Snaps Incredible Pic of Vintage Car Finds

by Jon D. B.

American Pickers‘ Robert Wolfe is showing off two gorgeous finds in the shape of 1958 Impala convertibles, and they’re quite the sight.

“Always a good day when Hess stops by to say hello and bring the fire,” Wolfe captions the shot of his colleague. Over on his ‘Pickers’ Instagram account, Wolfe is getting American Pickers fans all riled up over the two beauties. Within, he shows off two incredible mid-century Impalas. They need a whole lot of TLC, sure, but their rustic aesthetic only adds to the Robert’s excellent rustic photo.

Both of the classics are riding a single trailer. As classic car enthusiast Steve Gilligan comments: “Damn, two 58 convertibles.”

Robert’s followers bring further knowledge, too, with comments like “Looks like there is 100k on that trailer now days.”

And as classic car lovers will no doubt be thinking – this has got to be one long trailer to hold two 1958 Impalas. And this is correct. Check out the heavy-duty load bearing trailer for yourself below:

Now there’s a haul, indeed.

Who is ‘American Pickers’ Star Robert Wolfe?

While his brother, Mike Wolfe, is a well-known host, Robert doesn’t hold the same name recognition. This does not mean, however, that he is any less accomplished. He’s frequently on the show, after all. But who is this Wolfe brother, really, and why haven’t we heard more about his past?

According to Robert himself, he’s a “self-described historian and lifelong picker of antiques and original paint cars and trucks.”

Continuing on his official website, Wolfe declares his love for “anything old with a motor, including motorcycles.” He’s always looking to buy anything that fits this description, as well. In order to do so, Robert searches out treasures from “around the world.”

Specifically, the American Pickers star enjoys “barn find cars” alongside more “general” antiques.

“I have been doing this for 35 plus years,” he cites. “It started when I was 8-years-old and finding bicycles and refurbishing them for money.”

To American Pickers fans, he asks: “What are you looking for? I probably have [it] or can find [it]. I am an everyday archaeologist. Each piece has a story and I believe that I was put on this earth to retell it and put things in their proper place.”

Now there’s an Outsider’s life mission if we’ve ever heard one. Rob and Mike continue to travel the United States together for American Pickers, where Rob says they will always be “digging through old barns and garages looking for ‘rusty gold.'”

2021’s Season 22 may have wrapped up, but the Pickers will be back for Season 23 in 2022.