‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s GF Sends Emotional Message to Fellow Kentuckians Following Tornado

by Liz Holland

In the wake of the devastating storms that ravaged Kentucky and other midwestern states this week, many are taking to social media to find ways to help and share their sympathies. “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend, Leticia Cline, shared an incredibly thoughtful and heartfelt post on Instagram Tuesday morning, calling her followers to take action if they can.

The post features emotionally charged photos of Kentuckians in the midst of the rubble that was once home.

‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Leticia Cline Shares a Call to Action

Cline’s caption reads, “Devastation is something we watch on tv. It’s never something we imagine in our backyards. Thousands of people woke to a nightmare Saturday morning and by daybreak, the sun cast a dark light of reality at just how horrific that nightmare was. The tornadoes that ripped through six states was the biggest in US history and my home state, Kentucky, was its punching bag. You can watch the news, see the photos and feel just how incredibly heartbreaking this overwhelming loss is but to know its depths you have to understand my people.”

“Kentuckians are the most prideful and resultant humans I’ve ever met. We’re resourceful, do everything ourselves and we never ask for help. We’re used to hard times and rebuilding our lives. It’s in our DNA and I love my people so much for that. Perhaps that’s why it’s devastating to witness them break. Who we are has been challenged with a force greater than any we’ve ever met. We are the 5th poorest state in the nation and this created such a massive set back that it will be felt for decades to come,” writes Cline.

The Fight is Far From Over

Cline continues the emotional post, writing, “Over the past couple days I have also witnessed just how much the heart, mind, and body can take and still have enough fight to go forward. I’ve watched entire communities pull together and give what they got to those in need. I’ve seen those same people in need turn down help so the ones that have it worse can get help first. It’s tragically beautiful and filled with so many emotions. These will be the lessons that will echo our hollers, born out of tragedy and adding strength to our ingenuity.

There are still people missing. There’s still thousands of lives to rebuild but all of it can be done. Every single action makes the grandest impact…you just have to do it. Kentucky needs you. Please contact United Way (link in bio) to find out how. And if you want to donate to my area in specific please contact https://uwsk.org.”

Cline finishes off the caption by crediting the photographer behind the photos, Austin Anthony. (@austinanthony on Instagram.) Cline brings up the important point that a tragedy such as this one is devastating no matter where it happens.

However, for it to hit one of the poorest states in the nation means the need for help is direr than ever. Cline undoubtedly feels a deeply personal connection to the events. Keeping that in mind, her efforts to speak to her followers’ hearts and call on them to help victims is admirable.