‘American Pickers’ Once Made a Guest Appearance on This Popular Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Rachel Ray once brought the hosts of American Pickers onto her show in hopes of scoring big on some old set props.

The episode aired in 2012, back when American Pickers was still a new hit. And Ray invited Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to look at a table of old kitchen goods and random pieces of decor.

The bidding started out a bit rocky when Wolfe offered a mere $12 for an antique film reel case. After the lowball bid, Rachel snapped back that the amount was “insulting.”

Of course, she made the comment in jest. But after he showed how little he was willing to pay for her items, she told him to stand back and let his partner take over.

“Why don’t you pick something,” she said to Fritz. “We’ll get back to him. He needs to ruminate on that.”

At first, Fritz didn’t have good news for Ray either. After passing over a fruit bowl because it “didn’t go” with his “decor,” the American Pickers co-host reached for an old cocktail shaker.

“We have a lot of antique barware,” Rachel Ray said proudly, hoping to get a large offer.

Fritz asked her to give him the back story on the vintage-looking item. And Ray was ready with the details. According to her, the shaker was part of the background decor during seasons two and three of her cooking show. And the item dated back to the 1960s.

However, the ever-knowledgeable picker knew immediately that she had been duped. The mixed was only faux-vintage. He knew it was a fraud because it had a seal around the top. And manufacturers didn’t use those in the 60s.

Frank Fritz guessed that the item was actually brand new and was sold at a run-of-the-mill store.

‘American Picker’ Host Frank Fritz Had his Eye on a Vintage Lamp

The segment finally took a turn for the better when Frank Fritz noticed a floor lamp with a 1950s peacock-inspired shade.

Just by looking at it, both Fritz and Wolfe knew that the lamp was a reproduction. But he still loved the ornate acrylic pattern. So he was willing to make a deal as long as he could throw in another peacock item that Rachel Ray had stashed in the background.

That item was a sculpture, which Ray also thought came from the 60s. And according to her notes, the sculpture was originally part of a set, but the other half “flew the coop.”

The guys took Ray’s word for it and offer her a “hundred dollar bill” for both items. And they also told her to throw in the imposter bar shaker.

Rachel Ray wasn’t willing to take $100. But after a bit of classic American Pickers haggling, the three finally came to a number that made them all happy. In the end, the guys agreed to $125 dollars.