‘American Pickers’ Previews Mike Wolfe Picking Awesome ‘Super Tunnel Banjo’ in New Episode

by Kati Michelle

The banjo has been a staple associated with bluegrass, folk, and country music for quite some time. And nowadays, you can find it in the occasional pop, rock, or hip-hop tune, too. We’ve seen it utilized by The Allman Brothers, the Eagles, and even Led Zeppelin. In other words, you’d be wise not to underestimate the power of the banjo. Mike Wolfe gets it, as you’re about to see from a new “American Pickers” episode preview.

Mike Wolfe took to Instagram to share a still from the upcoming episode of “American Pickers.” It shows off one of his latest picks in all of its glory: an “old, super tunnel banjo” that hails from a family store in West Virginia. The condition of the instrument appears to be tip-top-shape and the look on Mike’s face really says it all.

Feast your eyes on that beauty:

The new “American Pickers” episode drops this Saturday in a new time slot but, unfortunately, many fans seem to have some other things on their mind. Instead of focusing on the beautiful handiwork of the banjo, several of the post’s comments between Instagram and Facebook are flooded with Frank instead.

These comments range from begging for his return to wishing him good riddance. There’s hardly an in-between. You won’t catch Mike Wolfe feeding into any of the “American Pickers” drama though, as he focuses on his picking and love of antiques.

It looks like the History Network star even enjoyed an antique-themed staycation recently.

The ‘American Pickers’ Star Draws Attention to Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism might be a new term for a lot of people. Essentially, it means traveling to different places and trying to experience them as authentically as possible. This includes learning about different artifacts and experiences that make a particular place special. It means trying to understand the culture, people, and stories of a place from the past to the present.

According to the “American Pickers” star’s latest Instagram post, his adventure took him to Columbia, Tennessee. The post shows off a beautiful guesthouse that the caption tells us was built in 1857. Wolfe reveals that he’s been helping restore the place for years and that he picked most of the items in the space himself.

There’s art, street signs, and beautiful velour furniture. But you know what else I can spy with my little eye? Peep the top right corner of the photo and you’ll see a banjo or two. You’ll have to watch Saturday’s episode to figure out if it’s the same one mentioned above.

Check it out: