‘American Pickers’ Ratings Continue Plummeting After Frank Fritz’s Firing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)

Season 23 of American Pickers is underway, but the ratings are already starting to fall and there doesn’t seem to be an answer in sight.

Ever since the Frank Frtiz firing, fans of the show have let it be known they are upset. Frank was an integral part of American Pickers. Even with Mike Wolfe bringing his brother Robbie onto the show to fill in, the chemistry just isn’t the same. This March will mark two years since Fritz last appeared on the show.

There have been two new episodes this season for 2022. Already, there has been a dip in viewers from the premiere to the second episode. When you start to compare things to how they were last summer, and even in March 2020, they look even bleaker.

The new season debuted right at 1.05 million viewers tuned in. Then you compare that to the Season 22 premiere in January 2021, the show has bled over 200,000 viewers. Last summer, in the Mid Season 22 ratings, the show was pulling in over 1.3 million viewers. Topping out at 1,336,000 on July 5.

In the March 2, 2020 episode that Frank last appeared in, the show was able to hit 1,282,000 viewers. Now, it appears that a large percentage of fans have decided that without Frank, they aren’t going to watch. Danielle is doing more, they added Robbie into the mix, but nothing is going to get those viewers back except Fritz himself.

When Frank exited the show in 2020, it was expected to be a short and temporary exit. He had to recover from back surgery. However, time went on and no one really heard anything about him returning. Then it came out that Mike and Frank were not speaking with each other.

Frank Fired From ‘American Pickers’ While Recovering

According to available information, the 57-year-old original cast member wanted to make a return to the show. However, he had to get healthy first. His back surgery in 2020 resulted in 185 stitches and two new rods in Frank’s spine. Not an easy thing to overcome.

In the meantime, since his firing, Fritz has been working to live healthier. He has reportedly lost 65 pounds and has been sober from alcohol for almost an entire year. The Iowa native put himself into rehab for a 77-day stint.

Although he is doing all the things he can to be ready at a moment’s notice, it is hard to see American Pickers bring Frtiz back. If Mike and Frank don’t see eye-to-eye then that is going to just about settle anything before conversations even start. However, if fans keep leaving by the thousands, is there a scenario where Frank is brought back onto the show?