‘American Pickers’ Returns Tonight, Mike Wolfe Teases Incredible ‘Vintage’ Finds

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Ovation)

“American Pickers” fans, make sure you tune into the History Channel show tonight to see an incredible find from host Mike Wolfe.

The “Americans Pickers” host gave fans a sneak peek at his “vintage” find in an Instagram post earlier today. In the post, we see a photo of Wolfe examining a beautiful clear glass scale. Painted onto the scale are numbers, and in the middle is an intricate drawing. The drawing shows a few witches gathered around a fire, which likely ties into the fortune theme on the scale. “Your fortune and weight, one cent” is written on the piece, after all.

“Step right up! TONIGHT Robbie and I follow a lead that delivers us to an empire of vintage coin-up scales — like this one. WATCH full story behind how this collection was created on an all-new @americanpickers at 9/8c on @history,” the “American Pickers” host captioned the post. Sounds like Wolfe’s brother will be joining him on the pick with the absence of Frank Fritz.

Frank Fritz’s Absence on ‘American Pickers’ Tanks Ratings for Season 23 Premiere

Last week, on Jan. 1, the new season of “American Pickers” debuted on the History Channel. While some fans were excited about the show’s returns, others refused to watch because longtime host Frank Fritz would no longer be on the show.

The show and network fired Fritz earlier this year. They claimed it was for his long absence due to back surgery and struggles with alcoholism and other personal issues. But diehard fans wanted to see Fritz back on screen, and he himself even expressed interest in it.

Instead, fans watched longtime co-host Mike Wolfe this past Saturday instead. And far fewer fans showed up to watch than did in previous years.

According to the U.S. Sun, the Season 23 premiere last week drew in 1,050,000 viewers. That’s a respectable number, especially since it’s over a million. But last year, 223,000 more people tuned in for the Season 22 premiere.

And for the mid-season return in July, even more viewers than that tuned in. In July, up to 1,336,000 views turned on “American Pickers” and watched the mid-season premiere. Compared to that, this year’s numbers suffered quite a bit.

This goes to show how far fans will go for the stars they support. Fritz earned a lot of respect during his years on the show and had good on-screen chemistry with Wolfe. Although Fritz said that the two have drifted apart in recent years, it’ll take a while for fans to get used to a new host.

In the meantime, “American Pickers” fans will have to work with Mike and Robbie Wolfe. If you want to see more vintage finds like the one above, tune in to the History Chanel tonight.