‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Shows Off a Classic 1932 Ford

by Amy Myers

American Pickers star Robert Wolfe is starting the New Year off right with a ride in a classic Ford 1932 pickup. The car fanatic drove the cherry red vehicle through the snow in a new video that he posted on Instagram to promote tonight’s new episode.

In the clip, Wolfe drove the pickup out of the garage and showed a full 360-angle of the vehicle as he did donuts in the parking lot. As he did so, the old-style exhaust pipes puffed out clouds of smoke and the engine roared. His tires made the perfect circle behind him as he drove the truck back to his garage.

This was the same Ford pick-up that Wolfe posted about earlier last month. According to the American Pickers star, he found the classic car seven years ago while on a pick in Illinois. He had sold it to a friend who promised to sell it back to Wolfe a few years later. Needless to say, Wolfe’s thrilled to have the “time machine” truck back.

“Here’s Robbie,” the cameraman narrated. “First day of 2022, just like a little kid. He’s gotta spin a little donut. Bringing back memories. He got lucky he didn’t wreck. He got his fix for today. Happy New Year’s from Rob Wolfe.”

The American Pickers star concurred with the narrator’s well wishes in his post.

“Happy New Year Join us tonight for an all new American Pickers at 8 central History Channel,” Wolfe captioned the clip.

‘American Pickers’ Star’s Cars of 2021

Of course, the 1932 Ford pickup was just one of the many unique and iconic cars that Wolfe has found and restored in 2021. Throughout the year, he’s posted some of his favorite finds on Instagram to promote the sale or just show off the pure beauty of the vehicle.

Check out this one that combined the classic elements of two Ford models.

“Out of your mind insane Just wow !!! 1923 T bucket meet The Mint Julip built in 1964. Just so excited to be the caretaker of this time machine,” the American Picker captioned the photos.

Earlier, in September, Wolfe showed off an older find of his that he was looking to sell or trade. Despite the car’s old age, it looked like it was in great condition which isn’t surprising since the American Pickers star was behind the restoration.

“1940 Chevy sedan delivery deluxe! restored 10 years ago. Up for sale great advertising for your company or shop. 28k or best offer might trade???,” Wolfe said of his classic car.