‘American Pickers’: Robbie Wolfe Pens Loving Birthday Wish to ‘Big Brother’ Mike Wolfe

by Anna Dunn

American Pickers star Robbie Wolfe penned a sweet birthday message to his brother, Mike Wolfe.

“Happy Birthday to my big brother so full of life and always willing to teach me about life love you brother,” the American Pickers star wrote.

Mike Wolfe stars on the hit show American Pickers, where he travels around America finding incredible antique and vintage items.

While Mike’s brother isn’t as much of the “face” of the show as Mike is, he makes some seriously awesome finds. He shares a lot of antique cars on his Instagram. His brother Mike, however, is truly interested in antique bicycles.

Robbie isn’t the only person with the show to give Mike Wolfe a special birthday shoutout today, either. Danielle Colby, whose been a key part of the series for years, just wished Mike Wolfe a happy birthday as well.

“Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore,’ I never trusted this quote until I fell in with the Wolfe boys. Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother, @mikewolfeamericanpicker,” she wrote in her own Instagram post featuring the star.

“I’ve loved helping your boat across even the stormiest seas. In turn, Thank you for all you do to ensure that my boat reaches its shore safely. Let’s keep paddling together,” she wrote.

The two were friends before the show started, and Mike actually had to fight to get Danielle Colby her spot on the show. Initially, the History Channel only wanted the guys, but after the crew sent over footage of Colby interacting with the brothers, the Channel agreed to let her appear on the show.

Now, Danielle Colby helps make the show stand out and shares her own unique and vintage-inspired finds on Instagram. Recently, she shared some adorable Halloween Cat Costumes that got fans hyped for spooky season.

The ‘American Pickers’ Star’s Store is Selling Special Items for His Birthday

Mike Wolfe’s store, Antique Archeology, is having a special event in honor of his birthday. The American Pickers star has put out a special collection of antiques online for people to enjoy. Danielle Colby also announced the sale event on her Instagram along with the birthday message.

The store sells a variety of antique goods that encourages shopgoers to get inspired about history. It includes some of Wolfe’s own finds. It’s not even the American Pickers star’s first store. He actually had a bike shop before he decided he wanted a career change.

If you want to see if there are any antiques still available that would be of interest, you can go to Antique Archeology’s website.