‘American Pickers’ Shows Off ‘Pick of the Week’: A Rare Piece of Movie History

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

Lately, American Pickers brothers Mike and Robbie Wolfe have found iconic movie props to add to their collection, and now, they’ve found a pair of tiny, mischievous monsters from a classic 80s film.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ll likely recognize the creatures that star in Gremlins. These destructive pets start out as the perfect furry companion, but get them wet or feed them after midnight, and they become anyone’s worst nightmare.

During their latest journey, the American Pickers team managed to find a pair of statues from the set of the 1984 film. Though they look a bit rusty, they will easily bring in a crowd of comedy-horror movie fanatics to their shop in Tennessee. In fact, the show even deemed the props the “Pick of the Week” for the Wolfe brothers. In a post on Instagram, the team announced their latest purchase.

“Two original Gremlin statues used for the animation of the film ‘Gremlins,’ from Chris and Gene Warren’s collection in Los Angeles, CA,” the show shared.

‘American Pickers’ Find Even More Movie Props in L.A.

Apparently, Chris Warren’s Los Angeles residence was a movie-picking paradise for Mike and Robbie Wolfe. On the same trip, the American Pickers stars also found another horror movie prop, but this time, the villain came from the depths of the sea. Outside the residence, they found the squid robot from the movie, The Beast, filmed in 1996. The movie followed the suspicions of a marine biologist who believes that a monstrous squid is behind the frequent disappearances that happen on the water.

Like the Gremlins statues, the robot could use a bit of revitalizing before becoming a part of the Antique Archaeology inventory, but regardless, it was still an iconic piece of film history.

Just as notable was a Terminator 2: Judgment Day script that the Wolfe brothers found at the residence. Not surprisingly, the family member that owned all these items was an Oscar-winning special and visual effects artist, Gene Warren. Now that he had passed away, though, the surviving members of the Warren family wanted to rehome some of their less emotionally-significant items.

Even though the script was personalized for the late Gene Warren, it was still a great find that would easily interest a few Arnold Schwarzenegger fanatics. But in order to bring it home, Mike Wolfe might be leaving with a huge hole in his wallet. Chris Warren warned him that some Terminator 2 items sell for upwards of $250,000.