‘American Pickers’: Some Fans Have Choice Words for Frank Fritz’s Replacement

by Clayton Edwards

American Pickers hasn’t been the same without Frank Fritz. Fans noticed that he wasn’t in the final episodes of the 21st season. Then, the entirety of season 22 went on without him. However, fans hoped he would return. For many, the chemistry between Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz was the best part of the show. Now, the show has moved on. They replaced Frank with Mike’s brother Robbie and fans are not impressed.

When the new season of American Pickers hit the airwaves on January 1st, fans didn’t tune in. Ratings show’s ratings took a hit. They were lower than last year’s premiere, which showed a dip from previous episodes that featured Frank.  

On Thursday, the official American Pickers Twitter account shared a promotional still from an upcoming episode. In the photo, Mike is holding an antique banjo. The post’s caption gave a little information about the episode and the banjo. However, fans weren’t there for any of that. Many are still hoping to see the show bring back Frank. Others were just there to share their frustration. Many of those folks had some things to say about the new co-host.

American Pickers Fans Sound Off

For the most part, American Pickers fans showed up in the post’s replies to complain about the lack of Frank Fritz in the series. The replies contained a long list of tweets asking variations of the same question: “Where’s Frank?”

More than that, though, American Pickers fans don’t care for Robbie Wolfe. Several fans call him “boring” one even went so far as to say that he has “no personality” on the show. However, one fan was kind enough to say, “I’m sure Robbie is a nice guy,” before talking about how boring it was to watch him.

Those comments were, for the most part, sandwiched between fans saying that they’ll no longer be watching American Pickers without Frank Fritz. One former fan said that the show “stinks” without Frank. They added that Mike should be worried about the future of the series.

However, one fan really summed up the feelings of Frank Fritz’s supporters. “I don’t watch the show anymore,” the former fan said, “you guys did Frank sh*tty.”

Frank Fritz felt the same way. Shortly after the world learned that he had been booted from the show, Fritz opened up about the experience. He said that he hurt his back while filming American Pickers and needed surgery. As a result, he had to take some time off. While he was recovering, he didn’t hear from anyone involved with the show, including Mike Wolfe.

The next thing Frank knew, American Pickers producers let him know that he was fired. This lack of contact, followed by being unceremoniously canned, hurt Fritz’s feelings. Hopefully, he knows that he still has an army of fans going to bat for him.