‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Drops New Swimsuit Pic From ‘Restoring’ Beach Trip

by Clayton Edwards

Most fans know that Danielle Colby works with Mike Wolfe on American Pickers. She also helps him run his Antique Archaeology stores. The show and flagship store are based in Iowa. So, Dani has a massive commute to work. Currently, she lives in Puerto Rico. So, she has to make a huge trip just to go to work. However, she doesn’t always stay in one place. In fact, Dani’s work on the show often keeps her on the road. As a result, when she gets some time off, she’s exhausted and needs to find ways to restore herself mentally.

Earlier today, Danielle Colby shared a photo of herself getting some well-earned R&R. In the photo, we can see Dani standing on the beach wearing a swimsuit and staring off into the distance. The sky is mostly clear with a handful of small but fluffy clouds. In short, it looks like the best possible way to spend a few days away from work.

Danielle Colby is Restoring Herself on the Beach

In the caption, Danielle Colby talks about why she needed to take a trip to the beach. “I’ve been on the road for so damn LONG!” she wrote before saying that she was “finally” home. She noted that she’ll be able to relax at home for three weeks before she goes back to the grind.

Danielle Colby went on to say that bouncing back and forth between Iowa and Puerto Rico “gets really exhausting.” So, she has to make sure to take good care of herself in her downtime. When you travel that much and work that hard you have to make sure that you’re managing both your mental and physical health. Dani said that spending time on the beach is her “preferred method” for restoring her mind between trips. Then, she opened up a conversation with her followers by asking how they restore themselves when they’re feeling “worn down.”

Danielle Colby talked about moving to the island in a recent interview. She and her fiancé moved to Puerto Rico about three years ago. She says they had visited the area for years and made several close friends there and wanted to move. However, they never had a “good enough” reason to uproot their lives. Then, Hurricane Maria hit the island nation, which inspired them to make the move. She said they were “confused gringos trying to figure out how to help,” after the natural disaster.

About her new home, Colby said, “We found the people that we kind of just fit in with – the pieces of the community that love and appreciate us and that we also love and appreciate.”