‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Finds Hilariously Perfect New Beach T-Shirt

by Amy Myers

American Pickers star Danielle Colby enjoyed some warm weather and crystal blue waters earlier today, and she had the perfect shirt for the occasion. Colby never specified where exactly she was spending her winter vacation, but wherever it was, it sure looked relaxing.

Lately, Colby has been traveling all over the country for her two jobs, one as Mike Wolfe’s right-hand woman and one as a professional burlesque dancer. Now, though, it seems she finally took a trip simply for herself. Of course, the American Pickers had to post the picturesque scene to Instagram. Further in the background, we can make out a palm tree or two and some crashing waves. Meanwhile, Colby stood in the front with a mesh trucker hat and a crop tank-top that read, “boobs toobs and noobs.”

While her T-shirt was pretty fitting for her personality, the lyrics she chose for her caption were even better. Always the “The Joker,” Colby chose a few lines from the Steve Miller Band’s most popular song. Every single line in the song seems to describe the American Pickers star perfectly.

Although, we’re not sure too many people call Colby “Maurice.”

Meanwhile, in the comments, even a few fans joined in the fun, adding in their own lyrics from the classic song.

One American Pickers fan cheekily wrote, “Really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree!”

“Do some call you The Gangster of Love?” another joked.

‘American Pickers’ Star Shows Off Other Fashionable Choices

In between her travels, the American Pickers star finds time to combine her two passions in a single video. Recently, Colby has begun a series on TikTok and Instagram in which she walks her fans through the history of iconic fashion and costume items. In the past, she’s demonstrated items like fans, earrings and compacts.

Earlier this week, she posted a video that featured a colorful chenille jacket. While chenille isn’t typically a burlesque costume piece, she still had a special place in her wardrobe for the fluffy texture. Of course, Colby modeled the lovely material, herself. Further in the video, Colby even described how to care for the vintage garment.

“I have an EXTENSIVE collection of chenille blankets,” the American Pickers star captioned the post. “@jscheuch got me this beautiful chenille dressing gown for Christmas this year and I’m in love!”