‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Offers Best Advice for Starting Up Businesses for Antiques, Vintage Items

by Clayton Edwards

Danielle Colby knows a thing or two about running a successful antique business. She’s been holding down the fort at Antique Archaeology for over a decade. Additionally, she owns 4 Minutes 2 Memphis, and an art and vintage shop. On top of that, she’s a key part of American Pickers. That show is the best thing to happen to antiquing and vintage collecting since Antiques Roadshow.

So, if you’re thinking about getting into the antique or vintage business, Danielle Colby would be a great person to ask for advice. She’s surely a treasure trove of information. However, she’s a busy woman and it might be hard to get in touch with her. Luckily, she gave some solid advice in a recent interview.

Last month, Danielle Colby appeared on The Sailor Jerry Podcast. During the interview, she opened up about her tattoos, her favorite places to pick, and so much more. At one point, she gave some valuable advice for those looking to get into her industry.

Words of Wisdom from Danielle Colby

One of the biggest things that Danielle Colby taught the hosts of The Sailor Jerry Podcast is that the antique industry is very community-based. When they asked for her advice on turning one’s love of antiques and vintage items into a business, she was quick to answer.

“Get used to mowing people’s lawns, shoveling their sidewalks, helping them get their car unstuck, walking their dogs, taking them food when they’re sick. That’s how we started this business,” she revealed. Then, Danielle Colby added that it’s a very “community-based” business. So the best way to get started is to “really tap into your community.”

“First of all, find out what that specific community needs,” she said before going into a more specific example.

Dani laid out a scenario, “Let’s say you’re looking for camera equipment… and you need that hook up for the camera equipment. Find out what that person needs in exchange,” because the business isn’t all about money. Sure, money is great. However, Danielle Colby pointed out that money isn’t the only currency in the industry. Many people would rather trade for other collectibles on which they could make money or services that make their lives easier.

Estate Sales and Church Basements

Danielle Colby said one of the most important things is to “Stay really, really plugged into the estate sales. I don’t ever really go wrong with estate sales. Also, church basements, I like. That’s where mowing the lawns and stuff comes in.”

Dani said that she’s not a churchgoer. However, she will gladly do yardwork for a church if that means she gets to go through their donations before the crowd comes in.

This advice may not work for everyone but it has been Danielle Colby’s method for years and it hasn’t failed her yet.