‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Offers Stunning Throwback to When She First Joined the Show

by Leanne Stahulak

“American Pickers” star Danielle Colby shared a fun behind-the-scenes photo from her early years working on the show, featuring a well-worn pair of boots.

Colby’s been a part of the History Channel show from the beginning, working closely with hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to keep the Antique Archeology store running. She also tracked down leads on new picks for the guys, calling them up in their truck and directing them to their next great find.

Even though “American Pickers” didn’t start until 2010, Colby knew Wolfe long before that. They met at a garage sale 10 years earlier, where Wolfe snatched up an item that she was heading towards. Despite her annoyance and irritation at the time, Colby struck up a conversation with the man. And the rest is history.

Colby’s throwback photo talks about a few years before “American Pickers” started in 2010, when she and Wolfe were talking about what the show could be. The photo shows off a sick pair of combat boots, worn by Colby.

“Extreme Throwback to 2008. These boots lasted me so many years! And yup I still wear them,” Colby shared in her caption. She must keep those boots in incredible shape for them to last for 13 years.

“Post-Roller Derby, just as I was entering burlesque. This was just as we were beginning to work on American pickers. I had been working with Mike for a little while, sorting, doing some bookkeeping, taking photographs, posting to eBay, etc,” Colby continued.

In addition to researching and studying history, Colby also loves to study burlesque and its background. She even participates in events linked to it.

“Read the rest of this blog about my first big girl burlesque show and the early days of Pickers on Patreon!” Colby concluded.

Why Mike Wolfe Asked Danielle Colby to Join “American Pickers”

Little did Colby know that those combat boots would help land her a job on a super successful antique show. Mike Wolfe spoke about why he hired Colby for “American Pickers” in a Q&A outside of LeClaire, Iowa.

“I saw what she was capable of. She’s got the edge, she’s got the look,” Wolfe said.

“One thing I wanted when I hired her and I knew she was gonna be on camera is I wanted someone that did not look like they would work in any antique shop,” the “American Pickers” star continued.

Between her combat boots, tattoos, and piercings, Colby definitely paints a different picture of an antiquer.

“Because I wanted our show to be looked at in a different way. I wanted people to look at antiques like they’re fun, they’re rad, they’re killer, they’re awesome,” Wolfe concluded. “I wanted people to know that you don’t have to have a blue blazer and 10 cats to be an antique dealer. So I think we proved that now. Danielle has helped us do that.”