‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Reveals How She Came to Love Burlesque

by Michael Freeman

While it’s no secret Danielle Colby loves her role on American Pickers, she enjoys a multitude of other hobbies, one of which is burlesque. While speaking on a podcast, she revealed how she came to love the craft.

Appearing on The Sailor Jerry Podcast for the Halloween episode, Colby fielded numerous questions spanning an array of topics. One of which was how she got into burlesque. Beginning with stripping, she slowly began using props and wearing costumes, all the while meeting people who cared for and encouraged her.

“So right after my roller derby career was done, I had too many bumps and bruises, it was too much.” Colby continues, “So, then I went to stripping and I stripped at a gay club first. I kinda had this nice baptism into striptease. So, I like (laughs), I had a hookup with the local art college with one of the professors and I would pose nude for him. It was right after I had my son, so I was looking voluptuous, it was cute,” she stated.

“So, I started there, and then just, yeah, I just kinda figured, I grew up a Jehova’s Witness and all my friends left and were stripping (laughs), so I was like oh it’s the Jehova’s Witness retirement program,” Colby joked. “I don’t know, I just think I fell in love with the culture of it more than anything. Because there are so many different breakdowns of culture within one culture of striptease. So, it’s like, there’s worlds within worlds within worlds. That always intrigued me.”

Rounding out the question about burlesque, Colby stated the people involved in the art were more than accommodating. Going to gay clubs to strip with acquaintances, she’d often do stuff on the side, while her friends were the center of attention. Donning costumes and using props, she grew to love burlesque more and more.

Danielle Colby Talks About Her Parents

In the same interview, Colby touched up on her parents and how she was raised. Growing up a Jehova’s Witness, she notes her parents being “interesting.”

Though she grew up with religious parents, they both have starkly different backgrounds. Her father is “always trying to find his center.” “(He is) an incredibly artistic man and comes from incredibly artistic people. Very hard on himself,” she reports.

Coincidentally, it seems her mom took the opposite route she did. “My mom always wanted to be a Playboy bunny, but ended up a Jehovah’s Witness. So, therefore, you have me.” Intrigued? Her mother’s past gets even more exciting. “And she’s a handful. She’s a spitfire. She used to run with the Hell’s Angels when she was 12 or 13 years old. Hitchhiked up to New York when she was 14. She’s got some stories, dude.”

If you thought Danielle Colby was interesting, it sounds like her mom would make a great dinner conversation too.