‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Says She’s Going to Be a Part of the Show for a ‘Long Time’

by Amy Myers

Now that Danielle Colby has become a permanent part of the American Pickers team, fans are wondering if her other passions in life, burlesque dancing and stripping history, will steal her away from the show. Thankfully, she answered this question through TikTok with a bit of good news.

“I just wanna address a question everyone’s been asking me – do I still work on the show,” she said in the video.

According to the American Pickers star, now that she’s posting more videos on iconic fashion and costume pieces, fans are worried that this will take over as her main appearance on screens.

“I get this question about #americanpickers so much when I talk about #strippinghistory,” Colby said in the caption.

Dressed in a jeweled headpiece and equally sparkly top, she confirmed, “Yes, I still work on the show. Yes, I love my job. Yes, I’m gonna be there for a long time. No, I’m not going anywhere.”

Colby also explained that her web series highlighting essential stripping and burlesque pieces isn’t a new development. In fact, she’s been giving lessons in history for a while. The only difference is that now, they’ve started to gain traction.

“‘Stripping History’ is a project I’ve been doing for a very long time. It’s just now starting to get some, you know, get some movement and some likes to it. So, yeah, I’m gonna be around. You’re gonna be seeing this face for a while. If you like it, you’re welcome. If you don’t, don’t look.”

The American Pickers star concluded, “Everything is good, and I hope it’s good for you, too.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Shares Some ‘Stripping History’

Recently, Colby has focused on a few choice accessories that burlesque dancers often use both in their performances and behind the scenes. This included a couple of fans, some gorgeous earrings and even a makeup compact.

For each piece, the American Pickers star shares what she admires most about the style before she launches into the historical significance of the item. Colby’s most recent lesson focused on a gradient, yellow and orange feather fan. She was extremely excited to share her finding with fans.

“More props from my #strippinghistory museum collection! Check out this beautiful ombré fan from the 30s,” the American Pickers star wrote about the piece.

Just a few days prior, Colby shared another video that included a different fan from the 1930s. This one looks like she plucked it right from the tail feathers of a flamingo.