‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Sends ‘Blessings’ With New Bathtub Pic

by Amy Myers

American Pickers star Danielle Colby is no stranger to an impromptu photoshoot, and recently, Colby decided to spread a little holiday cheer through an adorably happy photo on Instagram.

In the photo, the American Pickers star gave a huge smile as she held a pile of bubbles in her hands while in her tub. Instead of pairing the snapshot with a classic Christmas tune, though, Colby opted for some lyrics from The Beatles in her caption.

“Here come the sun king Everybody’s laughing Everybody’s happy,” Colby wrote. “Happy Yule, y’all! Sending you blessing of light after the darkness. Enjoy time with your loved ones and take good care of yourselves.”

As fans of the American Pickers star know, one of Colby’s favorite spots tends to be beneath the bubbles of her bathtub, and she’s posted several other photos in that spot recently. Last week, she stunned her viewers with another luxurious shot, complete with a cheetah-print headband, her signature pattern.

“Who, me??? I’m back in my magical bathtub!” Colby shared in the caption. “That sounds like it should be a cartoon or something. Anyway, I’m back home and working lots on my creative projects. Can’t wait to share with you all soon!”

‘American Pickers’ Star Gives Fans a Life Update

When she hasn’t been relaxing in her tub, the American Pickers star has been traveling the country for the past few months. It’s unclear whether her latest adventures have anything to do with the show, but we do know that at least some of her recent journeys have been a part of her side gig as a burlesque dancer. Recently, Colby has visited several venues across the country as a headline performance. Now, though, it seems she has taken a break from the limelight to spend some much-needed time at home.

Last week, Colby posted a photo with her daughter who had recently moved back home. She gushed about her recent experiences but also added that now was the time to prioritize being “healthy and balanced.”

“These last three months have been absolutely JAM PACKED with travel. I feel like I haven’t had a moment to just settle in and decompress for awhile, hence my silence on socials,” the American Pickers star explained.

She continued, “Being on the road so much can be really exhausting. But the absolute BEST part of it is getting to see my family. It’s been amazing to get to spend some time with everyone.”