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‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Sends Fans Into a Frenzy With Steamy Post

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

For all of you American Pickers fans out there, then you know that Danielle Colby is part of the big show on the History Channel. She’s one of the hosts along with Mike Wolfe and his brother, Robbie. Well, Danielle wasn’t talking about the show in her recent post on Instagram. In fact, she was getting down to some bare facts.

Colby, 47, stripped down for her snap. One could visibly see her tattoos and bare buttocks while she lay on the bed. In the photo caption, she wrote, “Happy nude rear.” She’s been absent from the show for a bit getting over some serious health issues. But after time away, Colby is due to pop up on the season premiere of American Pickers.

‘American Pickers’ Host Danielle Colby Showed Off Burlesque Era Poster She Found

The new season starts on January 4 with Colby and the Wolfe brothers. They are set to compete against White Stripes rock star Jack White. In a teaser for the episode, Mike Wolfe said that White “could walk away as the champion.” There was no word of a season finale. But the History Channel stopped airing new Season 23 episodes for the show back in September.

Colby recently shared a behind-the-scenes snapshot while filming a bit for last season. She showed off a vintage poster of burlesque performer Blaze Fury that she found in Cleveland, Ohio. Colby wrote in the caption area, “What a fabulous time! I’m so glad I get to be face-to-face with these incredible pieces of history.” Colby also promoted the premiere.

But let’s talk a little about her health situation. Colby of American Pickers has been recovering since undergoing a hysterectomy in October 2022. She suffered from painful uterine fibroids. Recovering from all this hasn’t been easy. She admits that she has been dealing with her own “chronic pain.”

Colby spent around 14 days not able to eat solid food. She wrote, “I lost so much weight so fast that my body could not muster up the strength to continue to heal properly.” While she’s recovering, Colby also is being quite cautious about everything. She said, “I’ve been out of bed, running around town, mostly pain-free, being social and productive for 4 days now. I’m careful not to wear myself down, but I need to be outside my house, for now, enjoying long walks, vintage shopping, grocery getting, etc.” 

Danielle described her “down day” and wrote: “Things don’t always go as planned so I anticipate that change is inevitable.”It seems that on my best days, I’m out and about. Usually trying to keep my body moving and my mind busy.”