‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Celebrated Birthday This Week, Didn’t Get Shout-Out From Mike Wolfe or Danielle Colby

by Clayton Edwards

Former American Pickers star Frank Fritz celebrated his 56th birthday on October 11th. It was probably a great day. Frank is living sober and healthy these days. So, he has plenty to celebrate. However, it doesn’t look like he heard a peep from his former coworkers. Neither Mike Wolfe nor Danielle Colby publicly wished him a happy birthday, at least on social media.

On one hand, this is understandable. Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe had a pretty public falling out. Earlier this year, we learned that Frank wouldn’t be on the show any longer. That prompted Mike to post a long message about how he loved Frank like a brother. He also said that they had been friends since high school. In a rebuttal, Frank let the world know that Wolfe’s statement would be best used to fertilize a field. On the other hand, they worked together for over a decade. You’d think that would earn Frank at least a “Happy birthday to the guy who helped build my empire,” from Wolfe.

Danielle Colby, on the other hand, has stayed clear of the feud. She has never openly said anything negative about Frank Fritz. However, she has made it clear that she and Wolfe are close. Really, she let the world know whose side she was on in the nicest way possible. If either of them gave Frank a b-day shout-out it would have likely been her. That didn’t happen, though.

More About the Falling Out

Did Frank Fritz get angry about being fired from American Pickers? Sure. Who wouldn’t? To put it in the nicest way possible, he told the world that he thinks Mike Wolfe was a self-centered liar. So, it’s not hard to see where the divide comes from. However, it didn’t start with the overly-flowery post from Wolfe or the profanity-laden rebuttal from Fritz.

It started two years ago when Frank Fritz had to have back surgery. After years of being on the road and digging for rusty gold with Mike, his back was a mess. At the same time, Frank had some substance abuse issues. He took time off to heal from both. While he was healing, he says he didn’t hear a word from Mike or anyone else at the show. Finally, they let him know that he was fired.

Frank Fritz felt betrayed by both Mike Wolfe and their network. As a result, Frank lashed out.

Additionally, The History Channel is still seemingly making money off of Frank’s image. They’re still selling merch featuring his face. Which seems odd to many fans.