‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Embraced His Inner-Child When Visiting This Toy Store

by Amy Myers

One of the best parts about American Pickers is that the stars always seem to tap into someone’s childhood with the simplest of objects. It could be a rusted-out sign or a comical knick-knack, and each time, it always triggers a pleasant memory from their early years. Both Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have had this happen to them, and sometimes, this even happens when the duo discovers an object that the current owner forgot they had.

In a past episode of American Pickers, the hosts brought back Fritz’s childhood when they walked into an old toy store. During Episode 5 of Season 18, “Frank’s Big Day,” the men ventured to West Virginia to meet a man named Francis, who owned the shop.

Of course, both Wolfe and Fritz both thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the vintage toy shop, but it was Fritz who seemed to really come alive when he found a rare Goofy wind-up toy. Once he saw it, he knew he had to have it. So, after some discussion with the owner, the American Pickers star managed to take it home for $450. If he decides to sell it, he’ll have no issue, since there’s such a large market for rare Disney items. And if he decides to keep it, well, it will obviously bring him a lot of joy.

“It was awesome to see little Frankie in his element with Francis,” Wolfe said after observing his friend in the episode.

Fans Still Demand Return of Frank Fritz to ‘American Pickers’

Unfortunately for many American Pickers fanatics, Fritz won’t be featured in the latest season which began on January 1. Lately, fans have filled the show’s Instagram comments with demands for Fritz’s return. Even in the previews for upcoming episodes, they consistently ask about his whereabouts. Some even claim that they don’t watch the show anymore now that the fellow picker isn’t a part of it.

Take, for example, the show’s latest post which gave a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode. The clip, obviously, didn’t show any sign of Fritz. Instead, the two Wolfe brothers headed out on their next pick as Danielle Colby went over the trip logistics.

Meanwhile, in the comments, fans wrote messages like “I miss Frank!!” and “The show is good but much, much better with Frank in it.”

One fan even admitted, “I’m watching reruns right now with Frank and they are great!!! Won’t watch the new episode tonight though, cause Frank is not in it.”

Another criticized American Pickers for neglecting to even discuss Fritz’s absence from new episodes.

“No update, no naming. We don’t talk about people who left the show without any reasoning or mention for the viewers,” the watcher wrote.