‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Once Revealed Favorite Thing About Filming

by Michael Freeman

While watching American Pickers episodes, it’s clear Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz love what they’re doing. With so much to enjoy, it’s hard to guess what aspect the two like best. Luckily, Frank Fritz disclosed his favorite thing about the craft and it may not be what you think.

Watching older episodes of American Pickers, Wolfe and Fritz are often like two kids on Christmas. The thrill of finding a place to scope out and the awe they experience when finding something unexpected are but a few things they’ve noted liking about their trips. However, Frank Fritz likes one thing better than the picks themselves: the people. It might shock you, but he enjoys meeting with and talking with people more than the picks themselves, Looper stated.

During an interview, Fritz began by mentioning his penchant for remembering random facts. “The first year of the Barbie was 1959. G.I. Joe was 1961. I have a lot of these useless stats. That’s one reason I like to talk to people and share all of this stuff. It’s also the reason my prices are so good.” Elaborating on the “talking to people” point, he went on to say that’s his favorite part of the job. “The best part is meeting the people. It’s not the stuff. Believe it or not, not everybody has cable. A lot of people have never seen the show.”

It makes sense Fritz would value the social aspect so much. Not only do you get to meet interesting people all the time, being personable undoubtedly put you in a good spot with negotiations. I can’t imagine someone who hates talking to people is an apt businessperson.

How Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Found Time to Pick Before ‘American Pickers’ Began

Before Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe began filming American Pickers, they had their own jobs and lives to attend to. Despite having packed schedules, Wolfe talked about how the two found time to pick before the show became a reality for them.

While at a Barnes & Noble book signing, Wolfe fielded questions from people and divulged details about his own life and the show. In the midst of it, he talked about the time before the show too. While pitching the idea to networks and doing his own picking full-time, Fritz had a full-time job to worry about. So, how did the two find time to pick together with tight schedules?

Wolfe said they did it whenever they could. “If I was at home for three or four days, I would be like ‘Frankie, let’s hit the road man,’ and we’d take off. We would just pick gravel roads,” he stated. He goes on to say the two often spent their weekends simply driving from one state to another looking for good deals and picks.

After the History Channel bought American Pickers, Fritz quit his job and the rest is, well, history.