‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Celebrates ‘National Pet Day’ With Sweet Selfie With His ‘Road Dog Best Friend’

by Taylor Cunningham

With today being National Pet Day, Mike Wolfe took a break from his American Pickers duties to give a shoutout to his number one furry companion, Francie Jo.

On Instagram, Wolfe shared a few pics of his best friend. The two have been companions since Francie was a puppy, and they’ve had many adventures while cruising around the continental US in search of vintage goods for Antique Archeology.

“Road dog best friend,” he wrote. “She came into my life two years ago and she’s been a gift from above. Happy National pet day Francie.”

In the snapshots, Mike Wolfe caught the brown and white border collie enjoying life on the open road. Like all dogs, she clearly finds true happiness by sticking her head out the window and Wolfe drives down the highway. And he also added a throwback pic of when was a brand new puppy.

Wolfe has been a proud pet parent since day one, too. The American Pickers host has been sharing the spotlight on both his Instagram and Facebook pages with Francie.

From what we can tell, Francie Jo is a baseball aficionado, a lover of mud, and generally a “good girl.”

Francie Has Been By Mike Wolfe’s Side Through it All

And over the past two years, Francie has been a steadfast friend through some of Mike Wolfe’s most emotional experiences.

Just a year into their time together, Mike and his former wife Jodi filed for divorce. The experience led to a five-month battle that luckily gave the American Pickers host custody of the dog.

And somewhere in between, Mike also lost his longtime co-host, Frank Fritz.

The two childhood friends had been working together since the start of the show. And after he posted the news of his exit, major drama followed his series.

Not only were there talks of canceling the History Channel show, but Frank fired back claiming that Mike wasn’t as authentic as he appeared. And furthermore, he had no grounds to boot his partner.

“I haven’t talked to Mike in two years,” he told The Sun. “He knew my back was messed up, but he didn’t call me up and ask how I was doing. That’s just how it is.”

But luckily, Mike Wolfe seems to be back on the right track, and Francie is happily along for the ride. Despite some worrisome rating drops, Mike has brought his brother Robbie aboard the series. And the two have re-earned the respect of their fans.

And Mike has also found a second chance at love with his new girlfriend, Leticia Cline.