‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend, Leticia Cline, Previews Her New Renovation Project

by Joe Rutland

Leticia Cline, who is the girlfriend of “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe, has been busy working on her new renovation project.

She has been showing off those improvements on Instagram Stories. Check it out right here.

Besides being Wolfe’s girlfriend, Cline also is a model, mother, councilwoman, and contractor.

Knowing that she’s been busy on the renovation project as well as having a connection to “American Pickers” seems like it makes sense. Wolfe stays busy going around to antiques and collectibles for the long-running TV show.

‘American Pickers’ Star’s Girlfriend Offered Some Inside Information About Her Project

In an earlier Instagram story about the project, Cline talked about what she has been doing.

She posted photos showing a before look around the property. One room did not look more than an abandoned workshop. Then, Cline talked about that specific room’s condition.

“There were no side windows in yet,” Cline said. “I had so much brickwork done since.”

She also commented while another clip aired that the shop was covered in four layers of flooring.

While Cline continues working on her project, “American Pickers” rolls along in another season. Wolfe is joined by Danielle Colby as more adventures in “picking” among antiques. New episodes are airing on The History Channel but if you miss an episode, then go right here and catch up.

Wolfe Shared Story About Seller Who Would Not Wear Pants For TV Show

Avid viewers of “American Pickers” know that the people whom Wolfe meets can sometimes be eccentric.

For instance, take the guy who would not wear pants for the TV show.

To set this up, Wolfe and former co-host Frank Fritz selected a house to visit. “American Pickers” producers stopped by the home of a couple of former carnival workers for a show promo. They wanted to film it.

Wolfe recalls one guy showing up naked from the waist down.

A producer asked the man, “Do you want to put on some pants?”

“No,” this man said. Did he stay naked from the waist down?

No. Money talks. Producers bribed him to get some pants for $50.

“American Pickers” was not an immediate hit.

He talked about getting inspiration for his show.

“It was a long journey,” Wolfe said in 2016. “I remember having the idea for the show. And a friend of mine said, she goes – and I was coming back all the time from the East Coast, and all over the country, with stuff – and she goes, ‘Where are you getting this stuff at?’ I said, ‘Well, I bought it here,’ and I told her the story of the guy. And she’s like, ‘You need to just buy a camera and start documenting some of this stuff.'”