‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s New ‘Time to Ride’ Pic Is as Cute as It Gets

by Megan Molseed

American Pickers star and creator Mike Wolfe has a copilot this weekend. And, there’s little doubt that this assistant is a very, very, good copilot!

In his recent Instagram post, American Pickers star Mike Wolfe shares his amazing weekend plans with his fans. For Wolfe, this weekend is the perfect time to “ride” one of his many, many unique vehicles. And, according to the pic the American Pickers star includes with the mid-January Insta post, he has an eager copilot waiting to join him on the open road.

“The weekend is here,” the American Pickers star says in the adorable Instagram post.

“Time to ride,” Wolfe adds in the weekend Insta message.

The photo Mike Wolfe adds to the Instagram post features a clearly very unique vehicle. It’s a blue antique with a plaque on the front that reads “Indianapolis 500 Shrine Club.” Now, vehicle lovers and antique fans would likely get super excited by a machine such as this. However, there’s something even more amazing featured within the Insta pic. Well, more specifically, there’s someONE even more amazing that the American Pickers star is featuring in the Instagram photo.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, likey waiting for Wolfe to finish snapping the pic, sits an adorable brown and white pup. This American Pickers copilot seems right at home in the unique vehicle. But, that’s probably par for the course when you hang out with Mike Wolfe. The star has long been well-known for his love of any type of antique vehicle.

How Can We Catch Past Episodes of ‘American Pickers?’

For twenty-three seasons, American Pickers has been entertaining audiences taking their viewers along for the ride on some exciting antiquing adventures. That is quite a lot of episodes, for sure. So, where can fans expect to find past episodes of the popular History Channel series available for streaming?

First, each episode of the popular series is available for viewing on the History Channel’s official website. However, those who have decided to cut the cable cord will find this option is not available without a cable provider. But, no worries for those who have gone to fully streaming options! There are plenty of other options for catching past episodes of American Pickers.

NBC’s streaming network, Peacock offers viewers streaming options for American Pickers seasons five through 20. Additionally, Hulu is currently streaming seasons three and four of the popular series. And, every season is available via Hulu for those who have subscribed to Hulu’s Live TV option.

Additionally, fans of the popular History Channel series can purchase individual American Pickers episodes via YouTube TV, Google Play, and Amazon Prime. This option can get a little pricier, no doubt. However, it’s a great way to grow your American Pickers library; since each purchased episode remains in your queue indefinitely.