‘American Pickers’: The Boys Pick a Robotic Movie Prop From 1996 Horror Film

by Amy Myers

In tonight’s new episode of American Pickers, Mike and Robbie Wolfe are heading to Hollywood to browse through some classic movie collectibles. What they find is nothing short of horrific.

Ahead of the new episode, the show teased a photo of the Wolfe brothers as they gazed at an animatronic squid from the 90s horror movie, The Beast. The iconic prop belongs to the family of the late Oscar-winning special and visual effects artist, Gene Warren. According to one of Warren’s surviving family members, the artist worked on many popular thriller films and series, including Critters and the 90s miniseries, It.

“Tonight at 9/8c Mike and Robbie are sent back to their childhood nightmares as they pick the squid robot, built by Chris and Gene Warren, used on the 1996 horror, thriller film ‘The Beast’, from the brother’s collection,” American Pickers shared.

The movie follows the adventures of a sea biologist who suspects that a giant squid is the reason why divers and boaters keep disappearing out on the coast of Graves Point. Apparently, the American Pickers will get to meet the starring antagonist of the film.

And that’s not the only memorabilia they’ll find.

Mike and Robbie Wolfe Find Classic Piece of ‘Terminator’ Memorabilia

According to another post from the show, “The #AmericanPickers head for the Hollywood Hills to pick a once-in-a-lifetime stockpile of amazing movie memorabilia. Check out this sneak peek from this Saturday’s new episode at 9/8c!”

In the clip, the Wolfe brothers found a script for Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The writers personalized the script for Warren, and for a while, it was a treasured part of his collection. Now, the surviving family member is ready to part with the piece. However, it might come at a hefty price.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Still Demand Show to ‘Bring Frank Back’

While the movie memorabilia was pretty mesmerizing, some American Pickers fans just couldn’t get past the fact that Frank Fritz wouldn’t be on the show anymore. This year marks the first full season without the beloved host. According to past statements from Fritz and Wolfe, the network let him go due to some trouble with addiction. Now, in his place, Mike Wolfe’s younger brother, Robbie, co-hosts the show.

But fans are still demanding Fritz’s return. In the comments of the show’s recent Instagram post, fans expressed their desire for the original American Pickers team.

“We all miss Frank just ain’t pickers without him,” one fan said.

“Bring Frank Back!!!” another demanded.

“Not watching ever again until Frank is back,” a third concluded.