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‘American Pickers’: The Time Mike Wolfe Was Too Creeped Out By a ‘Haunted Pick’

by John Jamison
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

You’d think someone with a fear of the supernatural would avoid a career in antiques. It’s hard to imagine an industry as haunted. Yet Mike Wolfe of American Pickers fame continues picking despite believing ghosts have attached themselves to certain items. During one episode in Season 14, the creepiness of one haunted building sent him packing before he could give it a thorough search.

In contrast, Mike Wolfe’s longtime American Pickers co-host Frank Fritz doesn’t give ghosts the time of day. All he could do was laugh when he watched a skittish Mike briefly look around the haunted outbuilding.

The pickers found themselves at the farm of Carol and Carl in the Minnesota countryside during 2015. The couple was preparing their property for an estate sale and offered Mike and Frank a chance to look things over before putting them up for sale.

As they walked toward an old building Carol and Carl used for storage, the couple mentioned a story detailing a spooky situation. A friend from their church was helping move boxes one day when he looked up and saw a face in the window of the building’s attic. He went to investigate and found a picture of the family who once lived there.

As it happens, the face in the window belonged to a kid who died in that very room. Needless to say, Mike was on edge.

“I’ve always believed in that stuff. I’ve had experiences with ghosts before. Sometimes I believe that ghosts can attach to some of the things that I buy,” said Wolfe.

Mike carefully stepped his way around the attic, the whole time looking like he wanted out. A cat meowed, and that was it.

“I have never seen Mike Wolfe pick a barn that fast,” joked Frank.

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Wasn’t Joking When He Said He’d Had Some Experiences with Ghosts Before

Clearly, Mike Wolfe’s fear of haunted attics hasn’t kept him from finding success in the antique game. But it doesn’t seem like his belief in ghosts is just an act for the sake of his American Pickers audience. No, he’s had some personal experiences.

Wolfe’s longtime friend and colleague Danielle Colby recalled one she shared with him recently. During an appearance on The Sailor Jerry Podcast, she talked about a haunted trunk from WWII.

“When the show first started, Mike picked this footlocker. It belonged to a lady named Mary Reaver. It was, I believe, her brother’s footlocker from the war. He brought it back to Antique Archaeology. And we opened up Mary Reaver’s trunk, and the vibe in the air got so crazy,” said Colby.

Well, Wolfe wasn’t having any of that, and he left the trunk’s contents to Colby. The American Pickers star takes this stuff seriously.