‘American Pickers’: Watch Danielle Colby Answer Spooky Question in Wild Halloween Outfit

by Anna Dunn

American Pickers star Danielle Colby is fully in the spooky spirit. She answered a spooky question in an absolutely awesome Halloween outfit. The new clip of Colby getting spooky is from the Sailor Jerry Podcast.

“Danielle Colby (@daniellecolby) knows how to pick ’em. Haunted dolls, that is,” the Tweet says. Episode 22 of the Sailor Jerry Podcast, hosted by @stolentuxedo, drops tomorrow at NOON EST!”

“Have you ever purchased anything that was cursed or that you felt bad energy from. Maybe like a doll or something like that?” Host Matt Caughthran asks.

Colby’s response is hilarious.

“I mean. I don’t know where to begin. Yeah,” she says. Hopefully, she’ll go more in detail on tomorrow’s podcast episode, because we’d love to hear it.

Colby’s cat costume, by the way, is one of MANY she has shown off on instagram. She has a ton of versions of this vintage-inspired cat costume that would put other ones to shame. The cat costumes are amongst the many awesome posts she’s been making lately.

Another photo shows Colby wearing a cape while sitting on a balcony poolside. Another shows off a vintage-inspired look with tassled half sleeves, really evoking a 20s vibe. The American Pickers star has really been living her best life. It’ll be fun to see what look (or looks) she decides on for Halloween.

The ‘American Pickers’ Star is Unapologetically Herself

Colby isn’t afraid to speak her mind or try new things. The American Pickers star has fantastic energy and brings a lot to the show, but she tries to carry herself a certain way in her everyday life. In a recent instagram post, the star wrote about how important it is to be a person you’d want to spend time with because we do spend the most time with ourselves.

One way she does this is through her burlesque shows. Colby had a very strict upbringing, so it was incredibly freeing for her.

“The interesting thing is I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and I had a very, very strict upbringing. So burlesque wasn’t something that was really around for me. I couldn’t be around it. It was new and taboo.,” she said in an interview with Fox.

“It’s part of my life journey, my relationship with my body and my relationship with sexuality. It’s deep and it really started from a place of anxiety and depression,” she continued.  “It really helped me blossom into a person who is less anxious and less depressed.”

With the burlesque shows, costumes , and American Pickers, Colby has a packed schedule. But with her energy, it seems like she wouldn’t have it any other way.