‘American Pickers’: Watch Danielle Colby Urge Mike Wolfe Not to Go on ‘Adventures’ in New Episode

by Amy Myers

What would the American Pickers stars do without Danielle Colby to help keep them on track? Ever since she joined the team at Antique Archaeology, she has helped the Wolfe brothers run a more efficient and knowledgeable operation.

In the past, Colby has spoken about how her role requires her to conduct more in-depth research about the items that Mike and Robbie Wolfe find on the road. But she also handles the logistics of the trip to keep the fellow pickers on track. Ahead of tonight’s new episode of American Pickers, the show dropped a clip and a photo that demonstrated just how essential Colby is to the team.

Although, the photo was a bit concerning without any context.

“As long as it doesn’t smell, that’s all I care about,” the photo read.

In the caption, the show urged fans to swipe to the clip to understand the quote.

“Can you pick who says this line during tonight’s brand new episode of #AmericanPickers? The context behind it may surprise you Swipe to reveal the answer! @mikewolfeamericanpicker @rjwolfepicker @daniellecolbyamericanpicker,” the show wrote.

Meanwhile, Colby was all business. Before the Wolfe brothers shipped out to Ohio for their next pick, Colby revealed that she even made reservations at a hotel in Columbus for them.

“So don’t go on any adventures,” she warned them.

Mike cheekily added that most hotels that they go to don’t take reservations. But this is just another example of how Colby makes sure the two are well taken care of during their travels. Before they finally rolled out, Colby told Robbie to “watch that lead foot” and headed back into the shop.

‘American Pickers’ Host Reveals How He ‘Rolls’

The clip opened on a conversation between the Wolfe brothers and Colby as they loaded into the Antique Archaeology van.

“So the way I roll is 10 pairs of underwear and one pair of socks,” Wolfe announced.

“That’s the way to roll. I’ve been telling you that for years,” Colby added.

Given how much Colby has been traveling recently, she has her packing methods down to a science. Lately, the American Pickers star has been traveling the country for both leisure and business. She even shared a beachfront photo most recently that showed she’s on the move again.

Apparently, according to her conversation with the Wolfe brothers during the episode, she’s tried to pass on her knowledge to Mike, but he just now decided to take her advice.

“I know, I finally started listening. Listen up, Robbie,” the American Pickers host admitted.

That’s when Robbie added, “As long as it doesn’t smell, that’s all I care about.”