‘American Pickers’: Watch Danielle Colby Work on Her ‘Hatpin’ Project in New Update

by Courtney Blackann

Danielle Colby of “American Pickers” is known for her many talents. Not only is she a professional junker, she’s also into burlesque and art. Add to that hatpins – a collection she says she’ll be sharing about later this week.

In a post on Instagram, Colby shares a video of her plethora of hatpins.

“Hatpin panick! On Patreon this week I’ll be sharing my collection of hatpins and talking about their history in feminist iconography,” the star captioned her post.

Interestingly, hatpins were designed as decorative tools to hold women’s hats in place but also doubled as a defensive tool in case a woman was assaulted. At one end, the hatpin was intricate and beautiful. At the other, the pin had a very sharp edge meant to pierce through a hat and sit in a woman’s hair.

Additionally, Colby’s collection is no doubt vintage and unique, just as you’d imagine it would be. The “American Pickers” star is obviously obsessed with making the old new again.

‘American Pickers’ Star on Personality Differences

Though the TV personality and burlesque-fanatic shares a lot of similar traits with her co-star Mike Wolfe, she also has plenty of side projects which are separate from the team.

“I have a shop as well, next door to [Wolfe’s store] Antique Archaeology,” she said. “I design clothing, and I’m a picker as well. But I’m different from the guys; they’re the ultimate professional pickers. But I do my own little thing on the side with a lot of retro clothing and cowboy boots and vintage-type stuff. So my whole world is a dysfunctional rockabilly princess’ dream come true.”

She also described how having different personalities on the show is a good thing. Colby explains the difference between Mike Wolfe and former co-star Frank Fritz.

“They’re two extremely different people. Mike is like an 8-year-old boy in so many ways. He’s a prankster, and a jokester, and always the center of attention. Envisioning an 8-year-old boy — they still are very loving and sweet with their family, still giving out hugs and kisses and stuff, but at the same time they love to go out and cause trouble and wreak havoc in the fun little 8-year-old boy way.

She went on to say that:

“Frankie is the exact opposite. He’s the old man of the group. He is very strict with schedules and regimented, and really likes things a certain way. But he has an incredibly funny, dynamic personality — a huge, huge personality.”

Fritz and Wolfe famously had a falling out when Fritz was ousted from the show. He opened up about how after surgery and taking time to recover, no one from the show bothered to contact him, except to let him know they’d be moving on without him.