‘American Pickers’: Why Danielle Colby Loves Picking in the South

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

Since the show “American Pickers” began its television run in 2010, its antique hunters have traveled across the continental United States looking for unique antiques.

During a 2018 interview with WREG News Channel 3, Danielle Colby shared which part of America she loves to visit and go picking. “Danielle, taking us from region to region, what area really fascinates you personally even more so?” the now 45-year-old was asked.

“Within the States? I love the South,” she answered.

What makes this part of the country a place she loves to pick? Here’s what she had to say about that. “Because, as we were saying, people in the South kind of hold on to everything. And not on the items, but the memories, as well.”

Danielle Colby Also Loves Picking in Other Areas

Being a true picker at heart, Danielle Colby doesn’t just love picking in the South. She also has other locations where she loves to search for unique antiques.

“But I also love the East Coast. You get the oldest antiques on the East Coast because it’s where our country started. But I also love California because you get the fun, Hollywood stuff (there) too,” the “American Pickers” star also shared.

Colby also talked about finding value in items that may to some people appear to be only junk.

“I think it’s the rust that tells the story,” she also said. “I think it’s that patina that really tells us that it’s lived, you know? It’s kind of like when you talk to somebody who’s 18 years old versus somebody who’s 48, 58, 78 – you get a much rounder, fuller conversation from somebody who’s more mature. It tells more of a story. There’s more history there. So, I think it’s kind of that same feeling.”

The “American Pickers” star also shared why people enjoy picking.

“Well, it’s history. And history is really easy to love because we really fall in love with history because it reminds us of the innocence of our life. Going back to childhood, going through your grandmother or grandfather’s closet,” Colby explained.

You can watch “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby explain why she loves picking in the South during that 2018 interview below. Her comments on this topic begin around the 50-second mark of the video.

‘American Pickers’ Stars and Crew Heading to the South to Film

It’s interesting that Danielle Colby loves picking in the South –because that is where the “American Pickers” gang is about to go.

Stars Mike Wolfe and his brother, Robbie Wolfe, are scheduled to be in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. They will film there in February 2022.

If you live in one of those states and have a collection you think they would be interested in seeing, you can reach out to “American Pickers.” You should send the show your name, phone number, location, and description of the collection with photos to: [email protected] or call 855-OLD-RUST. Facebook: @GotAPick.