‘American Pickers’: Why Danielle Colby Once Stormed Out of Conversation With Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz

by Clayton Edwards

As fans of the show know, Danielle Colby is the brains of the American Pickers operation. She lines up picks and hunts down sellers for Mike and, until recent seasons, Frank. Additionally, Dani keeps things running smoothly at the Antique Archeology shop. She’s a huge asset to both the hit show and the overall business. However, she’s still human and humans make mistakes. One mistake led to a huge fight between Mike, Frank, and Dani.

Danielle Colby doesn’t make mistakes often. As a result, when she does, her co-workers take notice. This is especially true when those mistakes force the American Pickers team to take a loss on an item. This is what happened in the season 7 episode called “Sturgis or Bust.”

The episode opens with Danielle Colby standing in front of the skeletal remains of a 1935 Indian Motorcycle. The rare find included the frame, wheels, and front fender of the vintage bike. In short, it was a bit of a fixer-upper. So, Dani called Mike and Frank to discuss the bike. However, she was under pressure. Someone else was on their way to buy the bike. So, Colby had to make a split-second decision. Then, in a horrible coincidence, she lost cell reception. As a result, Dani was on her own. So, not wanting to pass up a vintage bike, she pulled the trigger on the deal.

Who could blame her? Mike Wolfe is the boss and he goes absolutely nuts for vintage motorcycles. On top of that, Indian Motorcycles are some of his favorite vintage bikes. Danielle Colby probably thought Mike would be fine with her dropping $8,000 on the skeletal Indian. She was wrong.

Danielle Colby Gets Chewed Out, Storms Off

When she got back to the shop, Danielle Colby expected to be greeted with congratulatory high fives. At the very least, she didn’t expect to find herself in the middle of a heated argument. But, that’s what she got.

To her credit, Danielle Colby thought she was doing the right thing. However, she overlooked some details about the Indian. Unfortunately, they were costly details. As a result, Mike and Frank were angry about taking a loss on the bike. Before long, Dani had heard enough and stormed out of the store, effectively ending the argument.

The Fate of the Indian

Mike and Frank came up with a game plan. They quickly put together another $30k to get the bike back in showroom condition. In a brilliant move, they called Rick Dale from American Restoration to have him work on the project. When Dale finished the bike, they took it to Sturgis to sell.

In the end, the American Pickers crew sold the restored Indian to some execs from Indian Motorcycles for $35,000, taking a loss. However, Mike and Frank didn’t stay mad at Danielle Colby for the fiasco. She’s still on the show and she and Mike are still as thick as thieves.