‘American Pickers’: Why the ‘Pawn Stars’ Crossover Ended Up Being a Heartfelt Moment for Rick Harrison

by Clayton Edwards

American Pickers and Pawn Stars share a big overlap in audiences. Both shows feature fierce negotiations over antiques and other interesting items. However, it takes more than that to bring in millions of viewers. The big draw for both shows is the fact that viewers get to learn obscure parts of American history through the stories behind the artifacts that change hands on the shows. Additionally, Frank Fritz, Mike Wolfe, and Rick Harrison are all entertaining folks to watch.

So, when it came time for these History Channel shows to create a crossover episode, everyone was ready. Fans of both American Pickers, as well as Pawn Stars, were glad to see their favorite TV personalities working together. However, they weren’t just on some throwaway mission to draw more eyes to the shows. Instead, Rick Harrison had a very special request. He needed the pickers to hunt down a gift for his father, The Old Man.

Rick Harrison has a pawn shop full of some of the coolest items in the country. However, he didn’t have the perfect gift for his dad. After all, it’s hard to keep a ’57 Chevy on a pawn shop shelf. So, he called up Danielle Colby at Antique Archeology and she called Mike and Frank.

The American Pickers Accept Rick Harrison’s Challenge

As you’d imagine, a ’57 Chevy isn’t the rarest thing that Mike and Frank have hunted down. However, Rick Harrison needed the car ready to go in a week. That put some pressure on the Pickers. However, they have connections. As a result, they were able to hunt down the perfect car in plenty of time.

Unfortunately, the car they found was a – to put it lightly – a little rough around the edges. It was missing headlights, the grill, and the front bumper. On top of that, the primer gray paint job wasn’t doing it any favors. That’s not the kind of gift Rick Harrison wanted to give The Old Man for his 70th birthday.

So, the American Pickers crew took the beat-up ’57 Chevy 150 to Rick Dale and the Count, stars of American Restoration. They turned that old junker into one of the slickest cars on the road. You can see how it turned out in the video below.

The crossover episode as well as the mission that Rick Harrison put Mike and Frank on was a success. The car looked great. However, that was only the beginning.

A Big Moment for Rick

In the clip, you can see Rick Harrison all but dragging The Old Man into Rick Dale’s custom shop. When they stepped in the door, they found the car surrounded by balloons, Dale’s crew, and the rest of the Pawn Stars family. The Old Man’s reaction was priceless. “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”