‘American Pickers’: A Young Mike Wolfe Dressed as Santa Atop a Giant Vintage Bicycle Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

We all know that American Pickers host and creator Mike Wolfe has a passion for vintage bikes.

We can imagine much of his life centers around his collection in one way or another.

After all, he has an entire History Channel series based on collecting antiques; as well as two very fruitful antique shops in both Tenessee and Iowa.

But, who knew the American Pickers star incorporated his passion for vintage bikes into his holiday celebrations!

Thankfully, Mike Wolfe was happy to document a moment when he went full-Santa while riding one of the bikes from his collection. And, Outsiders, this is likely to be the best thing you will see all day.

Earlier this week, the Antique Archaeology Instagram page shared a hilariously festive post depicting a photo of himself sitting atop an incredibly cool vintage set of wheels while dressed head-to-toe in a pretty realistic Santa Claus suit.

“Throwing it back to 1989!” the Antique Archaeology Instagram page notes in the Thursday post.

“@mikewolfeamericanpicker dressed up in this Santa suit, jumped on a Victor High-wheel, and rode around spreading little Christmas cheer to his neighborhood,” the Antique Archaeology message continues.

What a way to spread some Christmas cheer, right? We all knew Santa Claus has his own valuable piece of transportation in his magical sleigh. But, who knew the big man also got around on some vintage wheels as well!

‘American Picker’ Has Always Had An ‘Eye’ For Bikes

American Pickers fans have long known that, while the host of the popular show is pretty much an expert when it comes to most anything vintage, bikes are his favorite things to collect.

In fact, Mike Wolfe found his passion for picking as a kid when he started searching for, rebuilding, and flipping bikes in his Iowa hometown.

Recently, the American Picker was featured on another one of Antique Archaeology’s Instagram pages. This time, Wolfe was working on one of the bikes on display in one of his Antique Archeology locations.

“@mikewolfeamericanpicker has always had an eye for bikes!” the post explains. “What has been your favorite bike he has picked on @americanpickers?”

In the photo, the American Pickers host looks to be perfectly within his element as he moves a rusty bike from an area in his shop. To some, this may look like an old toy. But to Mike Wolfe, it is a beautiful piece of machinery.