‘American Restoration’: Here’s What Happened to the Cast of ‘Pawn Stars’ Spinoff

by Madison Miller

When it comes to reality TV, “Pawn Stars” has kept its popularity since it first aired in 2009. In fact, it’s so popular that the show focusing on all the finds at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Show has created several spin-offs.

That includes “American Restoration,” which aired on History Channel for seven total seasons. It chronicled the daily activities at Rick’s Restorations, which is an antique restoration shop. The show focused on Rick Dale and his entire staff, including his teenage son, as they work to restore different vintage items to pristine condition.

Dale had appeared in “Pawn Stars” on several occasions as an on-camera expert and also restored several items for Rick Harrison and the rest of the crew. It was popular during its run but was eventually canceled. The show had a number of star-worthy appearances from people like the “Pawn Stars” cast, “Counting Cars” cast, illusionist Lance Burton and David Copperfield, NASCAR driver Greg Biffle, and musicians like Jason Mraz and Billy Joel.

For the most part, however, fans grew to love the main cast of “American Restoration.” Now that they are off our TVs, it’s harder to keep track of what the crew is up to on a daily basis.

Here’s Where the Cast of ‘American Restoration’ Is Now

The main star of the show is Rick Dale. In addition to being a talented restoration expert, he is also a talented metal artist.

It appears that Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas might have shut down since the show ended, according to Hot Cars. The website is still up for the shop, however.

Despite all that, fans know to some degree what he’s up to since he is pretty active on social media. He has a custom embroidery and laser-cut shop called My Best Font Forward Creations. He also is an author now, having published the book “Classic Soda Machines.”

His wife, Kelly, is now working in real estate. It seems the two of them are enjoying life out of the spotlight.

Tyler from “American Restoration” is still in the restoration business. You can check out some of his work on Instagram, here. Meanwhile, Brettly has his own business called Clean Works Blasting located in Las Vegas.

While “American Restoration” is no more, “Pawn Stars” still has one spin-off series still up and running. The show “Counting Cars” features another on-camera expert that appeared on “Pawn Stars.”

The show has been on since 2012. The show features Danny “The Count” Koker and the rest of his crew over at Count’s Kustoms. They work to provide custom work to cars, including whatever “Pawn Shops” needs. Many of these cars are classic pieces with some interesting history.