‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Audition

by Shelby Scott

Several weeks have already passed since America’s Got Talent kicked off its 17th season. During that short time, we’ve seen a multitude of talented performers grace the reality TV show’s stage. However, during the second-to-last night of auditions on Tuesday, things suddenly turned sour. Essentially, one contestant’s performance ended in what should have been an expected wardrobe malfunction. If you’re feeling brave, you can watch the cringe-worthy performance below.

Introducing himself as the “Big Apple,” AGT judge Simon Cowell spent very little time getting to know the unique contestant. Instead, Cowell and the rest of AGT‘s panel of judges (hesitantly) welcomed the Big Apple to begin his performance.

Immediately, it became clear that the America’s Got Talent contestant intended his performance to be of the stand-up variety. Though that was also probably clear by his ridiculous apple costume.

The Big Apple received the judges’ first red “X” after he made an insulting joke about AGT judge Howie Mandel. Soon enough, the contestant’s reign on America’s Got Talent came to an end with four red X’s concluding his performance. Then, things started to go awry when a man dressed as a worm began to emerge from the apple’s mouth.

To everyone’s shock and delight, longtime America’s Got Talent hopeful Sethward flopped onto the stage, with judge Heidi Klum smiling, “Sethward!”

After that, the judges were much more open to seeing Sethward’s performance, but when he began to do the worm, host Terri Crews made an attempt to pull him off stage. And that’s when things went south. To everyone’s horror, the bottom half of the AGT contestant’s costume came off, leaving him to moon the entire audience, the judges, and Terry Crews, though thankfully, the at-home audience only saw a well-placed apple.

Overall, Sethward has definitely made his mark as one of America’s Got Talent‘s most memorable contestants.

Why is Sethward Such a Hit on ‘America’s Got Talent’?

Given Sethward’s horrific wardrobe malfunction on national television, it’s strange to think the contestant would receive such a warm welcome on America’s Got Talent. However, thankfully, there’s a logical answer.

According to CinemaBlend, Sethward’s Tuesday night performance marked his fourth appearance on America’s Got Talent. The outlet states he made his first debut on the show as Sethward the Caterpillar in season 13. Since his first appearance on the AGT stage, the costume-loving performer has not advanced past the show’s audition portion. However, he’s nevertheless established quite a reputation with Simon Cowell and the rest of the panel.

As hysterical (or disturbing) as Sethward’s wardrobe malfunction may have been on Tuesday, it’s not the first time the contestant has flashed America’s Got Talent. When he made his first debut on the stage as a caterpillar, he also wound up redefining the term “show.”