‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Surprised at Howie Mandel’s Dancing Video While Recovering From Recent Hospital Visit

by Shelby Scott

“America’s Got Talent” fans adore Judge Howie Mandel for his humor, compassion, and overall unique personality on the set of the competitive show. Recently, however, the comedian paid a visit to the hospital after passing out at a Starbuck’s. The scary incident took place just last Wednesday, but already, Mandel has energetically returned to the eyes of the public.

The TV personality shocked “America’s Got Talent” fans as his latest TikTok captures Mandel in an attempt to twerk to the song, “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind, & Fire. You can check out the comical video here. Nevertheless, Howie Mandel followers praised the humorous clip. Many shared collectives of multiple laughing and clapping emojis.

Mandel’s clip is meant to mimic another TikTok user as she, more gracefully and fluidly, dances along to the song in a practiced, choreographed manner. The “America’s Got Talent” judge’s version of the clip was a lot less formal, the star sporting joggers and a blue t-shirt.

Further, while the humor in the clip is blatant, what’s not is Mandel’s rhythm. Regardless Outsiders, we at least have to give the man props for trying. After all, he did just return from the hospital. However, I still think good ole Howie should stick to his talents in comedy and “America’s Got Talent.”

Howie Mandel Struggles with Mental Health

While Mandel’s latest TikTok highlights his comedic side and fun-loving personality, the “America’s Got Talent” judge has remained incredibly vocal about his struggles with mental health. Above everything, Mandel struggles with OCD, “teeter[s] on depression,” and battles his self-diagnosed phobia of germs.

“America’s Got Talent” viewers have seen glimpses of Mandel’s mental health struggles, especially when it comes to germs and OCD. Earlier seasons have seen the star literally abandon his chair to avoid acts that disturb him.

Now, however, following the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the star’s struggle broadened. He previously shared with TMZ Live, “[COVID-19] broke out, and [we] had to continue,” referring to the making of his documentary. “I had to show up places,” he added, “And cameramen are wearing mask suits and it’s just really hard.” As a whole, the comic’s germ-centric OCD wreaked havoc on Mandel throughout.

Recently, Mandel has reached out to professionals regarding his mental health, revealing he works with a therapist and he has medication to help treat his symptoms. “I’ve upped my meds,” Mandel shared during the interview, but, “I’m really down,” he admitted. Now, upon everything else, he struggles with depression and the symptoms which accompany that particular mental illness.

Following his public admission to his current mental health struggles, however, Mandel emphasizes you don’t need to struggle with a series of mental illnesses to seek out help. While professional source are definitely there for those struggling individuals, Howie Mandel believes simply being human can cause unwanted stressors.

The comic shared, “You don’t have to have OCD or ADHD or all the issues I deal with. You just have to be a human being and this has put a weight on the world’s shoulders.”