‘America’s Got Talent’ Previews New Audition That’s Guaranteed to Blow Viewers’ Minds

by Leanne Stahulak

“America’s Got Talent” auditions resume tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12, and the show is already previewing some amazing acts.

The televised talent show took a brief hiatus last week to premiere a special episode called “Simon’s Favorite Golden Buzzers.” While it was nice to look back on these unforgettable acts, some fans were surprised to see “America’s Got Talent” place it in the middle of the auditions round.

But now, the auditions continue with tomorrow night’s episode. And already, TV Insider has revealed an exclusive sneak peek at a seven-man act from Tokyo, Japan. The group in question is called “Travis Japan,” and it’s made up of members Kaito “Chaka” Miyachika, Kaito “Umi” Nakamura, Ryuya “Shime” Shimekake, Noeru “Noel” Kawashima, Shizuya “Shizu” Yoshizawa, “Genta” Matsuda, and Kaito “Machu” Matsukura.

Travis Japan has been singing and dancing together since 2012 when they were just kids. Now, they’ve taken their skills to the “America’s Got Talent” stage to wow the judges and audience. And based on the candid reactions from Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Terry Crews, and others, the impression they make is a good one. Check out the sneak peek video by clicking on the article below.

In the video, you can see that the group not only sounds fantastic but performs in sync as well. Their dance moves line up perfectly, dazzling the audience almost as much as their sparkly jackets. Travis Japan knows how to make a splashy entrance, which will serve them well if they want to make it to Las Vegas.

‘America’s Got Talent Previews Stunning Acrobatic Act From Adorable Husband and Wife

Aside from this sneak peek via TV Insider, “America’s Got Talent” also previewed an act from tomorrow’s audition round on their Twitter page.

The act, called Duo Rings, features married couple Flor Aracama and Nico Busso from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the clip, Flor explains that the couple are gymnasts who “created an act together combining our passion in sports and entertainment, and showing our love.”

Judge Sofia Vergara appreciated the couple’s response, as well as their ambition to one day perform in Las Vegas. The couple soon took their places on stage and began their beautiful performance.

You can see the act yourself in the video below. It combines dancing, acrobatics, and gymnastics in a gorgeous aerial performance. You see the strength in both Flor and Nico, as they hoist each other and themselves into the air while flying in circles, holding only to a ring or a rope. For their final move, the two pull off an incredible acrobatic feat together and share a sweet kiss in the air.

It’s no surprise that all the judges are on their feet afterward. But will they earn four yeses? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out.